Has anyone got OTDH Loot Maps backup that I could download?

So, I’ve started playing BL way after CountKarloff decided to take then down. However, reading his topic, I saw that he allowed people to download it for personal use and many people did so. Any chance someone can share these files with me? It can also be via PM, email or a filehost with a expire date…

Thank you!

I should have. I’ll check when I’m home from work. If I do I’ll send them via PM. I only have BL2 - not TPS or BL1.

Thank you! For now, I’m only playing BL2, only 160 hours in and haven’t even started TVHM yet, so it will do!

Still, if anyone has the ones for BL1 and TPS, I’d also appreciate a copy!

Ok, so now I’ve already got TPS and BL2. Later on, I’ll also try to get BL1, but if someone else stumbles upon this topic in need of these maps, feel free to PM me :slight_smile:

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Hi mckfabio.

It’s been a 7 days since I PM to you.

Absolutely no offense, but could you check my message please :slight_smile:

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Oops, sorry for the long wait, it’s been a rush, I didn’t even get to play any of them the last 10 days!

Please check your inbox!

Thanks again mckfabio!!

Hello mckfabio,

Do you still have the TPS maps? Will you be able to share them with me also? Thank you

I do, but I’m not sure I can send’em your way before monday (I’m replying directly from the gearbox email notification, which I’m reading on my phone).

If I get to my PC before that, I’ll get you the links, otherwise, I’ll surely be able to do so by monday!


Not a problem, I can wait. Really appreciate you doing this :slight_smile: