Has anyone gotten a "Zim" drop on UVHM since the respawn patch?

I was wondering if anyone has gotten a Zim to drop yet in UVHM since the boss re-spawn patch? I’m currently on UVHM with Wilhelm. I’ve tried to farm the giant Ice Shuggarth for a few hours but I’ve gotten nothing from it. Of course this boss has a different name now in UVHM but I’m farily certain I’m farming the right Shuggarth lol

got one from the grinder…at level 70…3 random purples

I get that stupid gun all the time… Now up to 12 zims to one luck Cannon

Wow that’s a great result! I’ll have to keep farming purples for the Grinder in addition to farming locations. That’s something I need to get used to on TPS as opposed to BL 2

I also got one. A level 61. First time, I think. Tried a few more times with no luck. Or Luck Cannon.