Has anyone heard if Gearbox is taking our feedback?

There doesn’t seem to be a thread here from any official account about our feedback getting through to the devs.

Yes mods pass it to the community manager.

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Yes. Yes we do. Really!


Sorry, my sarcasm acted before my logic did there.

I KNOW you guys do.

Deleting comment now.


If they are, hopefully they’re putting the “it’s too easy” and “if I don’t have to grind for three weeks to get one legendary the drop rate is too high” feedback in the round file.

I genuinely hope they are reading threads/discussions about the narrative/writing across social media, because whilst looking at threads about balancing/loot flow/end game/gameplay mechanics/quality of life is fantastic on their part. The writing is, I feel, the worst part of the whole experience, and needs to be rectified.


I really hope they do have any plans to improve it, and aren’t just sitting in an office somewhere looking at Borderlands 3 sales and going ‘nah story obviously doesn’t matter, why bother, people still give us money’.

It’s the one thing holding the game back from being a masterpiece.


Gearbox lurks, but doesn’t usually speak up until they are 100% certain about something.
Or, so I’ve been told. Maybe they just lurk?

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Ah, but who lurks the lurkers?


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comsat sweep
Nuclear launch detected

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I’m not sure what any developer could do about the main story in a published game other than maybe adding a coda to the ending. (Sound familiar?!). And fans of BL1/2 have always seemed to be split about whether the story was important or not - some just want to get on with the action, while others find plot holes immersion breaking.

That said…

I keep seeing things in-game that I know people had suggested/asked for in BL2. As just one pretty silly example: remember Claptrap’s cunningly devised plan for having you do a bunch of work to unlock the stash? A lot of people joked about ‘too bad you can’t do those side quests’. Well, guess what you can chose to do in BL3?!

There’s much more than that though, and some of the changes/additions are significant.

So, keep making comments and suggestions - constructive feedback is all good.


I about suffocated having all that grrl power forced down my throat. hopefully the agenda pushing is at least more subtle in further installments.


To be clear, I don’t expect edits to the actual game, that would be unrealistic. One way or another we’re stuck with the Borderlands 3 story. What I hope is that people will recognise that a lot of players were dissatisfied with the narrative, and writing in general, of the game and take that into consideration for future content (dlc, sequel etc.)

It may well mean searching out new talent to bring to the writing team, as well as taking careful note of the specific aspects that players disliked. We know good narrative can work within the Borderlands universe while still maintaining genuine humour (and not just poop jokes), Tales from the Borderlands was proof of that. And yes, that was a narrative game that didn’t have ‘gameplay’ to fall back on and prop its story up with, so obviously they put a lot of focus into it, but I don’t see why Borderlands 3 shouldn’t be held accountable for its story. It is an important aspect of the game and deserves the proper talent, heart, and time/dedication that it needs to thrive.

I really enjoyed the gameplay of Borderlands 3. I wasn’t expecting an oscar worthy story, or even something on the same level as Tales, but I was hoping for something I could walk away from not feeling disappointed. What we ended up with feels like a disservice to the aspects of the game that work.


Bring a certain BL2 siren back pleaaaaaaaase, we are begging you!!! make her go to another planet with Krieg and end their story with a happy ending!!! PPPPLLLLLLEEEEEAAAASSSEEE


The released story is a done deal. I don’t want them to go back and screw with things such as you hinted to…that was all kinds of bad.

However, I hope they are listening and for the DLC’s they take a good look at the stories they intend on telling and polish the hell out of them prior to release. Given BL2 had a good story to begin with, and the DLC’s just added to or played off of that story. Maybe in BL3 those DLC stories can improve the base story.

And I really hope they are taking a look at suggested improvements to the game as a whole. I posted a Quality of Life thread, and those things need to be changed/added…badly.


There was “grrl power” somewhere other than the already well established Siren nonsense? I didn’t notice.


Let’s not get too off topic with the political stuff again, please.

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The amount of loot dropping now compared to “slightly earlier” installments would struggle to be called a slow drip. Crawmerax absolutely exploded with loot. Those were some good times.

Idea for DLC

When maya is moment of death but she did not dead but teleported to the future by Ava and VHs. The idea is a artifact or location is been auction off which the crew have to find location of the auction only to find someone beat them to the punch, now they figure out who took and beat them to the vault or take back the artifact. We can have Casino, and arena pits in the area aswell.

Thissss. Jeez I had so much trouble with the main story this time. Things like videos the twins made were jarring and nothing like any YouTuber ever. They felt like a concept from a brainstorming whiteboard in a boardroom, not an imaginary spin on a topical issue that could be given satire.


The twins simply do things “for power” or “just because they can” rather than because of any nuance. They didn’t even introduce the concept of “do we do it for the views because this compromises our integrity/morals but it gets us likes?” That’s a pretty prominent question in the creator community that would have been interesting to see addressed. They didn’t seem to even do research into how streamer videos are produced. The only nuanced part was literally some of Troy’s dialogue (won’t go into spoilers)

Anyway, that’s my 2 cents. I absolutely love other aspects of the game but really felt sad about how bad the story was

And you can’t even slip the cutscenes on a second playthru or new character!!

Okay done. Back to positive me