Has anyone made a complete weapon part list yet?

I am just curious if one has been made yet or not

Vehicle parts?

weapon parts, thank you for pointing out my non-specficity, moment

Then I think no is the answer.

It would actually be interesting to go through all the weapons and break them all down into their individual pieces to be able to work out the statistical potential of any given weapon. I think most sources and people have focused on purely the collectible type stuff when it comes to lists as currently weapon parts are kind of an obsolete / RNG based integral part of the game.

yeah…I was mostly curious because I wanted to know if dahl had a double fire part or prefix for their smgs

I think the problem with this is that it would be such a big job dissecting all the weapons into parts too that just to manage it, at least the way I could think of is to write down each weapons damage, accuracy etc then write down each of the parts, what they do, the name of the weapon with its full prefix.

I am sure Gearbox have the details somewhere but it is such a huge task that it would require one person a huge amount of time, possibly over a year of collecting weapons and marking down all the details then collating them.

As I mentioned, with the information you could work out the best potential with each and every weapon so you would know the best variant of every class of weapon in each brand and you would know exactly what parts each needed to be a perfect version. Due to the inability to actually do anything with weapon parts though you would be at RNG’s mercy to actually find the perfect version.

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yeah, it would be a big job…but some one or some group did it for tps and 2, so I hope they do it again for 3


oh why thank you

Well I guess that answers the question, I wonder how they put that together so fast >_<

probably a community made around the idea of indexing parts

Well the google doc is made by modders - the information is just taken from the game files themselves.

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Do you know if weapon parts are shared between manufacturers like the old games? It looks like each brand has its own parts now due to each brands uniqueness.
Just curious due to getting identical/near identical rolls of many weapons. I feel the stats were far more random in older games. :thinking:

They are all manufacturer specific.

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