Has anyone made a gear loadout guide?

I’m trying to make some loadout for any Defender, Attacker (Melee and Shooters) and Supporters. I’m also making a loadout for a good PVP. I know this is a new game but has anyone found what gears go great with each type of battle born?

Tip 1: Learn which stats does and does not affect each battleborn. Said stats could then be used as an item negative to lower shard costs.
Tip 2: Don’t ignore your commons. Commons are often better than greens and blues because of the tricky triggers that they might have, along with having potentially no activation cost if paired with Tip 1.


Tip 3: Every Battleborn is different. It may be possible to fit most of a type of Battleborn one set, but it’s best to tailor make your gear for each Battleborn, if possible. Ex. Attack Damage would help Montana and Benedict, but Attack Speed would give Montana much greater Damage due to his gun speed, but would hardly do anything for Benedict, unless you stacked a whole lot of it. Benedict thrives on Attack Damage, however because of how hard hitting his rockets are.

I have a good examples of this.
I primarily use Boldur in PvE, Boldur doesn’t have a static shield and doesn’t reload so I was was lucky enough to find this…
Armor (blue gear)
+280 Max. Health
+210 Max. Health when Shield is Depleted.
-9.80% Sprint Speed
630 shards to activate

On the flip side I found a similar piece that was…
Also Armor (blue gear)
+210 when Shield is Depleted
908 shards to activate

As for the reload…
Shard Generator (green gear) - I hate fighting for shards.
+1.87 Shards per Second
+3.74% Skill Dmg. when killing a minion or minor enemy
-18.72 Reload Speed
374 shards to activate (cheaper than most due to negative that means nothing to Boldur.)

I’m gonna be doing loadout and helix guides on my YouTube channel starting next week. Look up YourKingSkeletor and tell me who you wanna see first if you are interested. Doing one per character.

Would you list them as well? I’d like to add loadout suggestions to the wiki, but I don’t really have the bandwidth to watch a video on every Battleborn. Thanks.

I have a build that is -20% buildable cost and -skill damage, then +2 shards per sec and -skill damage (two pieces of 0 cost gear). Third slot I usually roll Go Go Juice for the insane sprint speed… can literally collect shards and build non-stop.

I will be doing posts here, reddit etc. with the list. The video is just more in depth including a few tips for play style and will be linked in each post (that character’s)

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How does attack speed work exactly? I’m more or less used to high base attack speed getting less benefit from+attack speed gear ( in other games ). ATK speed is often internally a number that represents the delay between two attacks, and ATK speed modifiers reducing further that number. Like, a 0.65 delay between two hits would get way less benefit from 10% speed increase than 2.5 delay between two hits.

Or is it attacks per second ? In which case a fast hitting character will get more benefit from +atk speed gear. 2.5 attack per sec will have a bigger increase from 10% atk speed than 0.65.

Yeah I’m confused. I feel like attack speed is good on Phoebe but somehow I can’t shake my old habits that attack speed only really gives benefits to slow characters…

While it’s not a “guide”, you might want to check out my thread here:

It has a listing of (almost) all gear attributes and stats about them.