Has anyone made (or even thought of) a Gunsmith-type program for any of the Borderlands titles?

Seems like the best place to ask this. This idea originated partly because we have gear calculators and character skill calculators, but not anything akin to the Gunsmith program from “Ghost Recon: Future Soldier”; if you’ve not seen Gunsmith:

Basically, the concept wouldn’t be for max-statting gear, but seeing what a given piece (weapon/grenade/shield) would look like with parts from different manufacturers, for any (or every) one of the Borderlands titles, then being able to export pic(s) of your put-together gear as an image file, either JP(E)G or PNG.

The idea was partly brainstorming for fun, but upon closer examination (if it gets off the drawing board – or already has), I think it’d be helpful for the guys that make (or are making) Borderlands props, like:



Yours is a good idea.


*An update to Gear Calculator that goes to OP8 ( instead of 50 ) would be nice.

*A good chart for weapon parts variation/effect exists here:

There are also very good resources around the web, some are text based only, some
exist on Imgur and the Borderlands Wikis are also indispensible.

One tool to rule them all would be a great leap forward, especially if it was dual BL2/Pre-Sequel.

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[quote=“gelatincyborg, post:2, topic:539074”]*A good chart for weapon parts variation/effect exists here:[/quote]I know of that, but I mean where you can basically Gunsmith a [weapon/shield] by drag-and-dropping parts onto it, exactly like in the video where the guy changes out his AR’s magazine.

(Video updated to start from that point)

[quote=“gelatincyborg, post:2, topic:539074”]One tool to rule them all would be a great leap forward, especially if it was dual BL2/Pre-Sequel.[/quote]Considering they ran off the same system, definitely. For the record, though, one for B1 would be nice. I loved my HX 440 C Combustion Hellfire</font color>: http://archive.is/d6tcC

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I concur.

The place that gets sticky is how the parts overlap. The code digested through a reader looks like every manufacturer part on top of and in side each other. Total chaos gun orgy. And each part integrates with each different manufacturers part… differently, so they just fudge the code a little and let it slide.

I am actively designing parts with add-on greebles to integrate with other manufacturer parts I’ve built. Like a pack of extra bits to glue in and fill the gaps as per. Eventually all my shotgun parts will be able to integrate with each other. Makes the in-game realism so much more true. You can pick out any gun you want.

It’s just a little more forethought and planning on my end.