Has anyone seen a 506 score on Moze?

I just found this and it seems to be working perfectly…this is one of the best nades I’ve found post nerf.

It’s beating my Mirv taculer!

I’ve never seen a 506 grenade!

Score is irrelevant.

As most of us know, item score is just a summary of parts. It doesn’t mean those parts are good or desirable, just that they score high for whatever reason GBX decided.

To the larger point, there seems to be no way the item score matters late game because of the sheer variety of builds.

I think early game it can be helpful because players level so I fast, it can reduce the down time of comparing stats, but by end game, I doubt many people are comparing that number vs simply play-testing and comparing actual displayed stats

I know about the score but has anyone ever seen a 506 grenade ever drop before? That was the question

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Oh u mean higher score than 501 at all? I dunno - I’d never thought about it due to the logic above.

I have a 506 equipped right now. Roided Double Buck Longbow with radiation and apply terror on action skill end anointment. The thing rules

I know! Can we confirm that these are regen health, ammo, nades…they seem to work much better for Moze than the legendaries

I dunno how well it will work with Vampyr. I was running something similar, but with transfusion instead of the roid bonus that worked really well with vampyr (post update), but I have since specced entirely into BM/SOR and a BBB that gives 75% health and shields after AS supported by a low life with a 3/2 in Desperate Measures/Thin Red Line while playing around with a terror build. Been too much fun to swap it back, and can take a surprising amount of punishment before going into FFYL.

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