Has anyone seen any good anointed Hellwalker shotguns?

I have found many anointed hellwalker’s from playing so far and almost every one has been anointed with “on action skill end, weapon status effect damage and chance are increased by 755 for a short time.” I’m wondering if anyone has found one with either phasecast increases damage by 250% or phaseslam increases damage by 300%.

What have you guys found?

Pretty sure all Hellwalkers are exactly the same. 521 Score w/ that Annointed Perk and the same stats.

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I would be inclined to agree with you if I haven’t personally farmed a couple with different anointed perks like the next 2 mags deal 50% additional radiation damage (which is lame when it’s mag size is 2) and after action skill, fire rate and reload speed are increased for a short time. So there are definitely other rolls but I wonder if anyone has found any of the god rolls yet.

Found quite a few hellwalkers and as far as I can tell they’re all anointed and all with the same stats

They probably have a very high chance of coming with that one anointed roll but I want to know if anyone has a better roll on theirs.

Mine have all been identical to the point where if one drops I just leave it because I’ve got one and that’s plenty if I come across anything different I will certainly let you know

that’s pretty much been my experience with a couple exceptions. However, it’s because of those exceptions that I believe that there could be some very good rolls that are just extremely rare to get.

I got one with on action skill end increase crit damage for 25% for a short time.

I have a 250% phasecast one and a 300% phaseslam one and I just recently ignored a 200% melee after Phaseslam

I got lucky to get a 250% phasecast also. They’re out there but the overwhelming majority are 75% status effect damage

I have one that deals 125% more weapon dmg to badass, named, and boss enemies for a short time

It is nice to know that there are more out there :slight_smile:

I got a really nice one for Fl4k with the 65% Radiation Damage during Gamma Burst Annointment.

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hellwalker Like this?

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Man I need one of those Phaseslam ones. I got a Anointed version for Moze :frowning: