Has Battleborn PVP Become Too Hardcore / Cutthroat?

Ok, so based on a very thought provoking discussion with @ninjaneb01 in another thread, I have started to wonder…has Battleborn PVP become too intense / hardcore if you’re not in a skilled 3-5 man with full mic communication?

Matches have been overall a LOT “sweatier” and more intense since Winter Update / Bots Battle mode dropped.

Average player command rank is much higher (you don’t see nearly as many pre 105s) and even when you do come across lower levels, a lot of them are pretty damn good!

So…has PVP become too hardcore and only the truly dedicated / willing to learn no matter what the cost remain?

And the rest are fleeing to Bots Battle?

At least they’re not quitting BB entirely?

Whatever the case, again, at least on PS4, matchmaking times are NOT long, and I rarely run into the same people more than once in a session, so no complaints here!


Do we mean cutthroat as in, “abusing glitches or top-tier characters” or cutthroat as in “not stomping”? Because for me it’s option #2, and that’s not really cutthroat at all.

To sum up my experience, I’m having balanced matches more often than not, even while solo’ing.

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I’m on the XBox and I’ve noticed the opposite. It has felt way more friendly. My wife stopped playing forever ago because she would get so discouraged in PvP when people would taunt her after killing her. Now she asks if we can play Bots Battle and has a blast, even though the Bots taunt way more than players haha.

In all of my matchmaking, PvE and PvP I’ve seen the majority of people below CR 60. In the last week I haven’t had a single instance of someone leaving early. People on mic are laughing and just enjoying it, even when being slaughtered. I know that it’s probably that I’ve just been lucky, but I have had a lot more fun since the winter update.

The first week of the update I went up against a 5 party Pendles group. Within the first two minutes 3 of our teammates left. We just made it our goal to try and kill a Pendles. It was an absolute blast! They completely slaughtered us, but as our final Sentry was at 2 Health, they surrendered! They messaged us and thanked us for hanging in there. It was probably the most fun I’d had on BB in a long time, because you could tell everyone was just enjoying it and not being mean spirited. Everyone except for those who left… haha.


As I said in the thread that inspired this one, I PVP a LOT, and I’m blessed enough to crew up with VERY good players, I’m just wondering what things are like for people who may not have that opportunity?

LOL and Bots taunt?

For real?!?

That’s brilliant and hysterical!

It may not have made QM completely cutthroat, but the inclusion of Bots Battle does seemed to have unintentionally made Draft superfluous. I still occasionally jump into Bots Battle if I don’t feel like trying or to do a daily challenge and the vast majority of the games are with low CR’s or casuals. By default the competition in QM has increased to the kind of levels I would of expected from draft. There’s not nearly as much room to play around or ignore team comp as there used to be.



I have not playing Battleborn because I can no longer get anything resembling a fair match. On those occasions when I try to play, the opposing team is always all very high level players, so I assume that they are a premade and I quit the queue. When I have been foolish enough to actually let the match start, they kick the ■■■■ out of my team and we end up surrendering as soon as possible. I realize that this has been a problem all along, but I am no longer tolerant of it.


Solo queue coming today, stick it out! Or group up with people.


Well you’re in luck this week @easplund They added a solo queue to prevent being matched up against pre made teams. I think that’ll help those of us who can’t always party up have a fair shot at winning. Also, have you done the Bots Battle? Majority of the time it’s pretty easy, but every once and a while you get a bad team which makes it even more fun to rise to the challenge and carry your team to victory.


I always play split screen, so I wonder if the solo queue will allow that? That would be an ideal solution. I don’t play the bots, because bots are too easy.

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It won’t work split screen for Solo Queue, but next week they’re doing a Duo Queue where that will work. That will be for only one or two people parties.


@easplund @Geonessary

Oh wow it just gets worse for poor ea…

Sorry, old friend!

Miss playing with you and @monamars !


I can’t speak of other platforms, but the PC woes have been discussed ad nauseam here. So much so that I’ve stopped playing public PVP entirely and only do bot matches now. I would like to play public PVP again, but not if I’m going to be stomped into the ground with no chance of being able to retaliate or even defend myself. I might try the solo queue sometime to see how it shakes out.


What I notice is I am sometimes fighting a team full of low levels. if low level players have to fight higher level players they should at least be put on a team with mostly high levels. we need a better grouping algorithm. I know everyone makes excuses for GBX with the community size, but there is no excuse. I have had more balanced games in TF2 on private servers than I see in this game sometimes. We need a better sorting algorithm that tries to find the most balanced team composition. this doesn’t require ELO or whatever. the game should always be trying to find the most balanced group composition possible. Right now I feel like the game tries to create teams based on similar skill level, and than match teams of similar skill level. that algorithm just doesn’t work with the current population. we need a system where it is trying to create a balanced team composition based on different skill levels meeting a certain performance metric and than having that team fight other teams with the same performance metric.


I’ve been saying this since the Beta. They shouldn’t group 5 players and then find an enemy team of 5. They should find 10 players and then sort them out balancing CR between the two teams. Of course parties would stick together, so in some instances it’s not possible to have a fair distribution. Then they could keep those 10 people, rearrange the teams to balance based on scores. If anyone leaves, then the remaining 9 or however many players stay in the group and go into the matchmaking to fill the empty spaces. That seems like matchmaking 101 to me.


Unfortunately, they will not do this. This has been brought up many times since the game was released, but they have stated that they can’t do it.


Another very annoying observation is that they increased the time you have to wait before you can surrender in the last update. Now I have to get the crap kicked out of me for seven minutes before I can try to end it. Even then, it seems like half of the time, the new players on my team don’t even know about the surrender button. Or maybe they are even more masochistic than I am. Oh, well, they are the ones that are dying 15-20 times…


They taunt on any associated kill (by a sentry, or a buildable) under any circumstance (surrounded by enemy or under our sentry)

Bots taunt in style my man…

IN STYLE :sunglasses:


the matches have felt tougher. theres a lot less “oooh, butterfly” and a lot more ‘sweating’ as you say :stuck_out_tongue:


On the Xbox One, I feel like I do run into the same people fairly often, but that’s just because I’ve gotten more familiar with people on that end.

I don’t necessarily think PvP has become too hardcore - I think people are starting to play with an established meta or pre-determined thought about who they should play now. It’s not as random.

I’ve got a friend who’s learning the basics of the game. He doesn’t play a lot, but I’d be damned if I only played Bots Battle with him. More often than not, Bots will teach you bad habits.

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In short, my feelings are yes.

if you aren’t in a 3-5 man pre-made with like-minded and experienced players, you’re in for an uneventful/frustrating evening.

As a primary Solo Queue-er/casual pre-made this problem is the fore-front of my experience.

Trying to carry games (outside of bot battle and extreme cases) is nigh impossible alone. This isn’t like LOL or the like in that regard. Against skilled players the moment you show an inkling of skill or initiative you become de-facto target number 1.

You will be focused until they think they broke you (from my experience) forcing you from lane and ending your game early. Being shut-down in similar MOBA’s is rough but you can recover, in BatleBorn not so much…

Maps are too small, and all of the experience is locked behind kills and the minion wave (Thrall farming is unsustainable, and buildables are a 1,2,3, and done usually) so there’s little options for you to maintain a presence once you’re being stalked.

The game slowly becomes less about the competition and objective and more a mini-game of “try not to get dived,killed and taunted”

This is exacerbated in the new Character Select. Games against competitive teams usually end here. Before the match starts.

With their predisposition for CC synergy, and their last second picks (after you’ve picked) for hard counters/focus picks you’re screwed from the off-set.

Casual pre-mades (the only options for a premade I have currently) don’t want to emphasize that level of foresight (nor would I force them to), and attempting to counter this as a SQer is laughably inept.

In short, my opportunity for growth as a player is stymied by the selfish nature of our current player base (based on my time with the PS4 version)

The top-tier players have already determined who’s who, and formulated invite only clubs. If you’re not a part of that group, tough-■■■■, get stomped.

From my observations they have determined who is good who is bad and who is good but bad (they hate them on a personal level or how they play) and they stay within those brackets, without bothering to update it for new/returning players. It’s cemented.

Playing against a 5-man tourney team or a 5 man of the better win-at-all-cost veteran oriented teams with coordination, team tactics, strategies, and the like is a difficult environment to grow in, when you’re alone, or with a group who cares more for a chill mood.

My only recourse is to play Bot Battle under strict stipulations and run endless gear/helix simulations in the Dojo to hopefully put into practice (I rarely do…) I try and avoid playing against a low level stomp fest, since it will only encourage bad-habits, and a false sense of ego.

Hopefully with Solo Q being a new mode, this can change.

Forcing our veterans apart from each other and mingling with everyone else, can decrease the stomps and encourage more adaptive growth from the player base.

Hopefully here, I can hone my skill and promote my growth as a player when I’m not the only one try-harding (at the expense of my casual pre-mades) or being singled out.

My wish is that Solo Q will open up the exclusive club of our current veteran community (on PS4) and broaden it’s borders. Allowing new or returning players options of higher play without being just on the receiving end.

Just my two cents,


EDIT: Didn’t mean to reply to myself lol…