Has Blue in the Caustic Caverns Changed?

I am level 48 Axton in TVHM and on entering the Cauistic Caverns I noticed that things were noticeably different from around 12 previous visits. On attacking Blue things started OK but when his health was around 25% down it regenerates to around 75%, every time. But the big difference is that from the first regeneration of Blue’s health the beast has been attacking me from underground with only small parts of the Critical Hit zone present. With these you kill off one Critical zone and another seems to regenerate there must have been around 10 Critical hit zones. Another point to note is that no little guys were generated during my 4 or 5 battles with Blue. Help … is this a bug? Advice appreciated.


There haven’t been any changes made to the game, if that’s what you mean. According to the wiki, if you take too long and allow the leg crystals to grow back, Blue will regenerate health. There is a built-in delay before the mini-Blues spawn, due to the associated challenge. What are you using to attack with? Explosive or other?

Thanks. I used a lvl 46 Sniper, lvl 47 AR, lvl 45 SMG and a Lvl 47 Launcher. All ammo used up so I resorted on several occasions to Axton’s turret. All had little effect. Apart from the first couple of seconds when all legs are visible, after which only one (possibly 2) legs are visible. The others being underground.


Really odd about the below ground thing. Best bet is still explosive to get the crystals down as fast as possible.