Has Crossplay With Consoles + PC Ever Happen Yet?

I don’t know how long I last play this game. Almost felt like a year approaching but has crossplay open up for consoles yet? I know all the things this game lacks, bugs, and nerfs which makes me quit but friends having this on pc may help get me to play with them through on ps4.

Any news on this?

No news outside of 2021.

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I’m going keep an eye on that although I admit I been very inactive coming on here. Cheers if it actually happen though since I want a fun game to play with friends and this game does feel good with friends.

Sadly all who have this are from pc

If it happens Ill save edit the everliving crap out of bl3

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Some of us can’t even cross play same console to same console without our console crashing.

Me and my friend have been playing through the borderlands games on PlayStation and will soon be at BL3. I own BL3 on PC but my friend doesn’t have a pc, if they get it on PS5 am I able to play it with them if I’m on pc?

Nope, BL3 does not have cross play at this time.

Not yet. The current information is ‘some time in 2021’ but no hard time line has been announced. There may be an update on the situation in March with the release of Director’s Cut, but I doubt we’ll hear anything concrete before then.


We can hardly have a optimal multiplayer experience inside the same gaming platform…

The mindlessly implemented Mayhem 2.0 has put far too many variables into matchmaking that it’s nearly impossible to find a single teammate, let alone 3.

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Yeah regular matchmaking as it stands now is a mess I can’t imagine the monkey wrench cross play will add. Doesn’t really matter to me I guess considering they still haven’t fixed that console crashing issue that a lot of us have when we attempt to join a game/invite.