Has Gearbox let us know they are aware of the horrible PC stuttering issues?

Does anyone know or have seen if Gearbox has come out and acknowledged these issues?

I have a pretty good PC that has never had any issues, and this game seems amazing, but it is so unplayable right now. I’m just hoping Gearbox is aware and is working on it.

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More then stuttering, in some PC game just crash after some times (Have a good PC too)

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I had the stuttering and then my game started crashing at the claptrap dance loading screen. I tried everything everyone is suggesting, but the one thing that actually worked and nobody is talking about is updating Windows. I updated every Windows feature and version (especially .NET framework!), set the graphics to Medium, enabled DX12 and now my game is pretty damn playable with a steady framerate. Just played for 10 hours with no issues. Worth a shot if you’re behind on Windows updates!