Has Gearbox stopped supporting the game?

I know that they stated that hotfixes and patches were becoming less frequent, but it feels like weeks since I saw the last one, any many more weeks since the one before. There are still things that need looking at: mission progression blockers (Riding to Ruin and Call from Deep per example), drop rate balancing across main and DLC locations, hotfixes becoming permanent within the game with the patch that follows it (so it’s actually playable offline).

There are a lot of rough edges to take care of and this is the perfect time to do it, since content and event releases have been really low. If not now, then when??

Also, console crossplay was supposed to be a thing for bl3, where’s that feature gone?


Yes, it seems like they have.


Considering how much they really haven’t addressed the biggest issues the community has brought up since the game released over a year ago, don’t think they are going to go out of their way to do much now days. I hope I am wrong with that assumption though. However I am sure there are some nerfs and buffs that will be coming again.


I imagine that the virus is not helping and people trying to work from home and everything else on top of it …

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They just announced a third national lockdown in the UK so the game being supported would deeefinitely be appreciated.


They stated Crossplay and Director’s Cut were 2021 projects.

History has shown that releases will come when Conventions, even Virtual ones, are scheduled to maximize promotion.

Seasonal timed events are being repeated, and hotfixes are being released primarily with them.

There was one in February last year correct? And the Cartel Event in April. I expect they will not have the Cartel event running at the same time they release director’s cut.

I would guess Director’s Cut will be released early summer like Bounty of Blood, and with it will come a large Patch (as was the case with Designer’s Cut, Krieg DLC, and Bounty of Blood) that makes any hotfixes permanent plus any other changes needed for the remainder of Season Pass 2, and shortly after a few more Hotfixes, and seasonal events leading into the 2 year anniversary before Bloody Harvest rolls back around.

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Broken Heart’s Day appears to be permanently listed on the menu, so it looks like that one would be the next one to come. I would think they should be starting that one near the end pf January? Maybe?

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They did say spring for DLC 6. My guess would be right after the Valentine’s heart thing before cartels.

They aren’t, they’ve already turned it over to the Mod community. Why would Randy spend money on the game when modders will fix it for free?


Modding is now via hotfix with no way to run offline. GBX will have user data on Mod usage and the opportunity to focus on more monetizable endeavors/ new content.

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If they did this then i bought the second season pass for nothing. Along with all the hype surrounding it. (if you can call it hype)

Its anyone’s guess really. They need to do something or else people might be going to “Outriders” in Feb. I seen this game and its looking like alot better then what GB is offering right now. Larger game and content and all the bells and whistles. I won’t be getting it myself but if the reviews are good then i might consider it.

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Virus or not it is still no excuse for them to not say anything about stuff at all. If they want us to continue playing and supporting the game then they should continue on there part to keep us informed on things which they have not.
They would have found a way around the virus to keep people in the loop but they failed on that front.


I have actually wondered the deets of this. If it would be shown on Shift servers and if they could see who is running what mods.

The way it works is you inject a dll to make the game use a local proxy server to look for the hotfixes. Completely doable offline.

However, without the official online hotfix the game is not really playable since most buffs and balancing still has not been patched in (including almost every post M2.0 fix).


its not just that we almost get no hotfixes
the hotfixes we get are so small in number its insane

other games come out with like big patches after THIS LONG and new content at times while bl3 gets barely 10 weapon buffs, of which some are a joke
when a gun needs like 500% buffs it getss 100% and is still not viable, but will never get a buff again

so yeah assumption is the game is dead


I thought so as well when I first learned of the method so I asked to be sure, bon appetite!

If you disconnected from the network while you had the game open and hotfixes loaded, that’s, as currently configured, the only way you could play modded offline.

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Ah, right on. Thank you for the info.

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I think it’s a mistake to believe the intent of the devs is for Every gun to be viable in Mayhem. Mayhem being optional is indicative of there being limited options available to manage the dramatic balancing changes.

Just like with OP levels and Raid Bosses, these difficulties are meant to be played with the best gear and over-powered builds.

Now if weapons aren’t usable at max level in Normal mode, that’s an issue.

It seems like maybe people are wanting the game to be something it’s not been ever.

You couldn’t beat the first ever Raid (Crawmerax) with Just any old weapon.

That’s no excuse for legit bugs and unoptimized gameplay crashing games and preventing co-op, but Buffs are specific on purpose, just like how weapons locked behind MM6 aren’t intended for low level gameplay and OP in that context.


I only disagree to the extent that replaying the game for useless weapon rewards kind of makes things boring.

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I agree with you on that, and the devs behind Arm’s Race seem to share that sentiment.

It makes me wonder what their meetings look like when the gun designers, skill designers, and combat balance teams try and coordinate and prioritize their ambitions.

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