Has Gearbox stopped supporting the game?

next update probly be cheap director’s cut thing and they wont actually fix any of issue’s/bugs or upgrades they could add to main game but thats my guess with how they listen to money over people it seems.

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Actually next one should be the valentine heart thing. We might see some more weapon buffs along with that, if anything.

Bottom line, at least for me, communication is key to sustainability. I feel a lot of us on this forum would be more appreciative of GBX if they communicated more with their customers with actual information and not the standard cut and paste answers we have gotten since the games release. Even if it was information that I would not be happy with, ie: no we are not fixing the UI/text size on split screen, it would be something tangible to go by.


Guys, don’t want to be mean or rude, but this radio silence just says the game is done, and season 2 was just a money grab that some of you fell for it, they’ll release another underwhelming dlc, maybe fire up some hot fixes to things that are too big to ignore, and that’s it.
You guys can come here to this comment when dlc6 drop and say if I was wrong, but there is definitely no major update in terms of balancing or content, at best (and I’m saying like really improbable) we’ll get some generic boss on the closed door arena.


such cliche and bland idea of update if so as everyone “loves” weapon buffs over gearbox actually fixing main game issues/bugs. #sarcasm


They’ll do the valentine thing as it’s a seasonal event they’ll probably buff the wedding invitation and who knows some of the other weapons.

Popular demands aren’t going to come anytime soon… Probably when the what ever directors cut content breaks everything again they’ll maybe start fixing the game… But first, make some more money…


I agree.

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More money huh?
Not if people bail on the game entirely. How are they going to get more from us if we don’t give them any? The fanbase will drop them over time and that will be there own fault if they want more cash from us. We will no longer support them.

My dude, they won’t spend money on a game they aren’t making more money.

After they drop the last paid content, there is no way they’ll release unpaid updates. Randy himself already went verbal about how we should be grateful for the takedowns (even if they are not what the community asked) since they were free, so we can assume he is not a fan of “free” content, and this was in a time when people were still active in the game.

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That’s what i mean :wink: DLC 6 is their last chance to squeeze some more money out of it haha

I think most people didn’t bother with SP2 or held off to see what DLC6 actually is haha

All in all… I think this game is a sinking ship. I should have known better seeing the people who left GBX allready. And how their CEO acts is an other red flag hahaha


Hola me encanta el juego pero en este momento le veo muy poco contenido pasan las semanas y no ponen nads

As I’ve said just let this be a learning lesson for all future GBX products. Sometimes we have to learn the hard way you know.


Yep, i partly blame myself for trusting GBX and thinking that BL3 would be an even better game then the previous.

Since BL3 i haven’t bought a newly released game… And not going to either (Diablo 4 will be a tough one but then again, D3 is still fresh in my memory)


Eh…a lot of us went into this expecting at a minimum more of the same you know. For myself I at least expected the same split screen performance and it to work on my console. Granted there are other things but those are the two big ones for me.

Nope, as others have mentioned don’t pre order and wait until actual gamers review the game, not the streamers that the company hand picks or websites that want to keep a good rapport with the company.


True, but they have stated that they would save “small” tweaks to the game for a big patch instead of a weekly hotfix.

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Would appreciate seeing your responses and comments on this poll.

“We’re aware of it”, “We’re looking into it”, “Not at this time”

Fun fact: Gearbox is hiring new developers… to be aware of it, so they can look into it, but not fix anything, at this time.


I read that as replacing or expanding the workforce in general. I would expect they are working on DLC or the early stages of the next game. From a business perspective I read that as bringing in entry level talent to replace people who are seeking higher wages because of their experience level attained.


Something like that.

Not Gearbox, but 2K not supporting games…