Has Hyperious been scaled back for Solo mode at OP 8?

I know that the latest patch removed the automatic four player difficulty for Hyperious, But has that actually scaled his difficulty level back for a solo player? Because if it has, Then some of the older methods like Gunerang Chucking may be viable again.

Anybody know??

I mean theoretically, if he is at one player difficulty he should be a lot easier. Even at OP8.

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I did notice that the message that used to pop up doesn’t anymore

The one that says “players health reduced” or whatever it was?

Yeah that one Idk if it has anything to do with him being based on player count tho. I still amused he was always at 4 player health And if he isn’t when I solo him I would hate to fight the 4 player health version

Interesting. I’ll have to try and kill him solo, then I can try this gate smash thing on Gee.

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I got the ‘Player health will be reduced’ message when I killed him recently with Sal but that was the first attempt as that was the mission from Shades- on a farming run it might be different.

Yeah I did the mission before the last update so idk. But the farming runs do not say it

I was getting the ‘player health’ message farming him today.

I am going to check right now

Just checked no message for me it may be a difference of system though I have no clue tbh

I’m on 360. Getting the message right at the point where I engage him. I miss seeing it (tunnel vision) unless I have a dark backdrop, such as the back of the pipe.

Are you guys on different platforms?

Nope- 360 here…

PS3 here

I didn’t hear the 4-player scaling was gone. As I understand it, what they removed was being able to go into Hyperious’ area, having the 4-player difficulty trigger, then you staying in 4-player while you go somewhere else. Now, if you leave his area, your game goes back to single player. In other words, the 4-player glitch is gone.

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So this is weird. I got the message when I did Hyperious OP4, but not when I did OP3, and for the OP4 one, it only displayed on the first fight, not the subsequent ones.

I don’t notice a difference in his health between first or subsequent runs. It seems that he’s consistently the same difficulty from run to run.

Same difficulty yes I just never get the health message at 72 op7 or op8

It still disappoints me greatly they didn’t sneak a difficulty setting for consoles in. 4 plyer difficulty had its uses and was extra challenge. : /