Has Oscar Mike OP changed?

I just tried running the Oscar Mike Op for the first time in a few months and WTF
When did they add the new enemies and ops challenges?? I fought something called a thrall ascendant that could spawn a whole map of enemies at once and another dude called a thrall supervisor that had flying drones and home in missles. When did they get added?? I also noticed that’s it’s spawning in thrall bonecrushers and the big guys with the minigun and I don’t remember ever seeing them in that mission

Last boss?

Dire Wolf. I’ve beaten him before. That was my 18th completion. I’ve never seen those enemies or those challenges before. Also it might be worth noting that the thrall supervisor dropped a legendary

Maybe you were u lucky, i have played that mission 30+ im sure they are not new have fun tho

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Yeah maybe I just got all the ■■■■ I haven’t seen before in one go. Still crazy though

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The thrall aspect of the ops seems less likely to occur than the others from what I can tell. The ascendant one is scary but you can trim down all the thrall but one shieldeder and get it with out much hassle

Had both of those many times. Usually when I’m running a character who’s not the best type to deal with them. Battle School’s General Mike is a troll.

Yeah I had to deal with it as Alani…