Has our RNGod Foresaken Us?

Firstly, I worked hard on that title, took me 10 seconds to come up with it, appreciate my hard work!


I might be delusional, mistaken, and just outright unlucky, BUT!

Anyone else feel that the droprate on high rarity (Legendary and Epics, but mainly Legendary) gear has dropped considerably from COMMANDER Loot packs?

I’ve noticed a very drastic change from Pre-Battleborn Day 2 to Post-Battleborn 2 droprates. I know that since commander pack drop rates were changed for Battleborn day 2 that it COULD be possible for them to have overshot the reversion after its conclusion to a level much lower than what it was prior, so…yeah.

I could be totally wrong and was really lucky before and just very VERY unlucky now but I’m interested in seeing how a few other people have perceived their luck compared to BEFORE and AFTER the last Battleborn Day.