Has Pyro Pete Been Patched?

Its been a long time since i played. This is the best game of all time imo. Back at it and at level 72. Fpr the life of me i cannot seem to get a Legendary Soldier Class Mod. Ive got the others from tubbies. Just not the LSCM.

I used to farm Pete and get it pretty easily. But ive gone through him at least 5o times and its only seraph gear. Did he get patched?

My friend and I farmed him the other day and he dropped a “MadHous!” of all things, so to my knowledge he can still drop legendaries. As for class mods… I cant say Ive ever got a legendary Class Mod from him.

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Nope. No patches since 2015 bar platform-specific engine/co-op fixes. Just RNG being random on you.

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Strange. I guess ill keep on trying. Thanks for the fast responses.

If you have the Mercenary Day DLC, I’ve always found farming the loot train the easiest way to grab the first set of legendary COMs like the Soldier.


Thats a good idea. I have received class mods there before.

Im shocked people still talk about this game. lol Im farming for 72 gear with an OP8 Commando. I have all OP8 gear. But getting the 72 is tough. I dont remember how i got all the O8 gear. I must have been active on the trading post.

Man i used to be so into this game. I still yell out loud how stingy gearbox is with drops. lol

Do Tubbies only drop the newer class mods? Engineer and pointman etc? Or do they also drop the Soldier?

They have a higher chance to drop the “new” legendaries, but they also have a small chance to drop any item as a world drop. Emphasis on “small chance” there. :wink:

You’ll have a much better chance to get one if you farm loot midgets instead, or the train in Mercenary day.

Just went through the train 10 times with nothing but spikers. I farmed the Drs’ Orders Loot Midgets last night for hours trying to get a launcher max ammo relic. Finally got that. Those midgets drop Class Mods?

They can do. The problem is that there’s a lot of stuff in their loot pool.

Yeah id say 85% Ancient Relics from those midgets. Where are some easier to access midgets?

Some folks like to do Sawtooth Cauldron, in the lower area to the right from the Fast Travel station. Clear the area, open everything, then wait for the respawn timer to repopulate.

Another one folks like to do is Thousand Cuts, especially if the Slab side mission is still open so that the locals in Slab Town don’t get violent with you (LMs still spawn in the various red chests - I assume you’re familiar with all the locations - and you can run up to the Bunker transition if you want to).

Never done the Sawtooth run. Ill give it a shot. Thanks.

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Got it finally. lol


A bit late now (‘gratz on the find), but in my game I’ve had WEP tubbies (I farm them a lot) drop more COMs than anywhere else, including the train. I’d need to dbl-check my screenshots to be sure, but I think that each of my characters’ COM came from there.

What are WEP tubbies? Location you are farming?

Wildlife Exploitation Preserve.

As the son of a biologist and Nat’l Park Service ranger, I’ve always loved that name.


Haha nice. I like that run. Theres a tubby skag near the loot midgets in the boxes. I get a tubby sky hunter now and again.

There is a round 1 and 4 trick in the dome im going to try out.

Can you do this in Normal Mode and get a legendary COM?

You can, but you won’t get it at max level obviously - it will be within a set range depending on what level you were when you first visited the starting map location.