Has someone tested this interaction yet?

Equip an Unleash the Dragon (100% ignite chance on melee), Blast Master, and COV gun with double bayonets (120% melee damage) and the 300v2 anoint.

Melee an enemy to ignite them, then switch to a gun with the 500% elemental nova anoint, and hit a crit. I’m curious to see how much damage that nova does and whether it gets boosted by the Blast Master.


I haven’t yet but I have all that stuff in my bank I’ll take a look in a bit

they will probably be dead by then.

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Yeah, it was tricky to pull off with anything other than True Takedown mobs.

Is Unleash the Dragon’s “damage over time” effect considered status effect damage?

Yes, it is a normal fire DoT.

^^^ made this post a while back

It’s very effective and Moze was probably the best at this with the Fish Slap and Stinger, but with the recent buffs and how those two items scale with melee you are getting far more value out of melee damage increases compared to splash. Melee Amara will put out the highest UtD DoTs, not that it matters much.

In my experience Moze has a hard time functioning with a fully invested melee build like this with her limited sustain options, so I’ve been looking at alternative options with that anointment.

Since the buffs, IB is now capable of applying some very large DoTs for detonation. Hammerdown Protocols paired with a Rad Hex, or CapArm Railguns with a Shock Hex are quite effective. An incendiary weapon with the elemental crit anointment is good for detonating those fat FitSD statuses too.

Fun Fact: The elemental crit anointment is still active while in Iron Bear. Try it with Corrosive Sabot Rounds.

Very interesting…

UPDATE: So, are the Sabot explosions triggering the DoT inflicted by the initial round? I was getting enormous hits on the Maliwan TTD just now.

2ND UPDATE: Did some further testing to see what was going on under the hood. Looks like the nova is triggering for roughly the value of the sabot explosion. It doesn’t seem to trigger very often, but when it does, it gives you three hits instead of two.

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