Has the Bitch crit damage bonus been fixed in the remaster?

I hope so. Would be nice to have that 30% extra crit damage.

Not in my experience. I’ve picked up 3 B-tches in various playthorughs, and it still is a bit underwhelming in damage. I still fall back (in non-elemental SMGs) on a Stinger for the type of max pinpoint damage that the B-tch gives me in BL2, but not in BL1.

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Well, there is the beginnings to a community patch for the original version of the game, made by Tha’ Campin’ Dutchman. The Bitch, among many other weapons were fixed in it, that I can confirm from experience. Granted, you have to be on PC to use said patch but if you are, it’s an option.

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Nice, but I’m on xbone.