Has the BL3 season pass ever been discounted in a sale on PSN? (PS4)

I would like to buy it at some point, but iv’e never bought a digital season pass from the PSN store before because i feel that they are too expensive. Like, the base game is currently discounted there and i still payed less for my physical copy than their sale price for a digital copy.
So i’m wondering if anyone has ever seen the season pass on sale there, and discounted by how much if you can remember? I shall not rant about how almost everything in the PSN store is overpriced, but i think i could at least settle for it being temporarily cheaper at times.

I’m not buying the DLC but cost certainly isn’t the issue. A Borderlands Season Pass isn’t like a lot of others where you get access to new ‘seasons’ which just consist of new achievements, loot and other random stuff.

You’re getting hours and hours of campaign content. It’s true old-school expansion pack type stuff.

If I was you I’d reserve a ‘value’ judgement until players start reporting how long it took them to complete the content and then make your mind up. I personally think buying individual DLC is a bit overpriced but the Season Passes have been worth considering given their cheaper price for buying it job lot.

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