Has the bullpup been added to the loot pool?

hiya. it’s been a while since I played the pre-sequel. I was curious if the “pup” had been

added to the loot pool or if the devs could still patch it in at some point? thanks for any info.

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It has not been added. The last time they added weapons was with the patch that added the Boomacorn, etc…

I asked them to add the other holiday related weapons like 2-3 years ago, and nothing happened.


ok, thanks.

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What?! :open_mouth: They didn’t respond to your request? Do they know who you are?

Pandora’s Industrial Engineer

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You even comented on the Fibber one :stuck_out_tongue:. I also asked them on Twitter too but to no avail.

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it’s a shame. i’d love to find a sweet “pup”, heartbreaker, company man, etc, in the

item of the day. :frowning:

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Are you playing on a console or PC? If on PC the Community Patch added the Bull Pup as a quest reward for the Grinders mission in addition to being a loyalty reward weapon at the start of the game for certain characters.


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Oh, bummer. In a perfect world, when they release BL3 they will also patch the existing games since there will be a new generation of players who will be picking them up for the first time.