Has The Bunker Gone Mad!

Just for the hell of it went and farmed the Bunker hoping to get a Bitch for my Siren, now we all know how stingy he can be with his drops but, he must of been in a good mood today because on the third run he dropped a Bitch, Hornet and a Butcher plus some decent relics. I could not believe my luck, all this in one drop, I remembered once farming him all day just for a Sham. So has anyone else had anything unusually decent from him lately.

Loot drop buff till May 9th, enjoy it while you can, kiddo.

Bunker’s my matethis week too. He’s been dropping orange candy everywhere. I wish he was always like this!

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He was hit on his head and suffered a personality change. Can confirm, btw.

spent 2 hours killing the ***hole and as usual, he gave me a big pile of garbage everytime. well, back to the pre sequel. farming in BL2 is still a big waste of time.

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2 hours?!

Zer0 does it wayyy faster. Specially with an Invader and B0re. Or a Hawk-Eye + careful aiming at critical spots + b0re.

yeah, but i meant i’ve farmed for 2 hours, and not that it took 2 hours to kill him. i kill him in a few seconds with maya.