Has the Force Troopers loot pool been changed?

I’ve run them over 30 times recently in 10-12 run sessions. While it’s nice that they spawn almost every time and drop 1 or 2 items almost every run, I’ve yet to get a class mod from them since the rare spawn event. In the recent 30+ runs I’ve seen 10 Vanquisher, 6 Thunderball Fist, 6 Nova Berner, 3 Hyperfocus XZ41, 3 Surge, 3 Tran-Fusion and 1 Star Helix.

Have legendary class mods been removed from their loot pool or had their chance to drop been reduced? I don’t recall seeing anything on it in the Hotfix and Patch announcements.

Yes the drop rate for class mods is terrible. I see the same drops as you all the time with the occasional world drop thrown in .

Legendary COMs were only part of their loot pool temporarily but they aren’t anymore.
Their current drops are:

  • The Star Helix AR
  • The Vanquisher SMG
  • The Hyperfocus SMG
  • The Thunderball Fists Pistol
  • The Destructo Spinner SMG
  • The Nova Berner Shield
  • The Surge Grenade
  • The Tran-Fusion Grenade

Legendary Classmods drop from a number of different sources, depending on what exactly you are looking for, mostly Trials bosses.

A full list of all drops in the game can be found here

I’m familiar with the loot pools. Where was it stated that the COMs were only temporary in their loot pools? Was this in the rare spawn event announcement?

Just looked back at the rare spawn announcement.

I guess I missed the subtle indication that these drops were temporary to the loot pools.
I thought that only the spawn rates and drop chances were increased and then reduced after the event.

Thanks, good to know so I won’t waste any more time there.