Has the maggie been nerfed?

I have been using the maggie for a few hours straight now and something feels not right about it, I am getting a delay in the firing rate like a 1 second pause, has anyone noticed any performance changes or am I losing my mind

I have been using one without any noticeable issues.

I didn’t notice it at first, but there is something definitely off with it, just keep an eye on it there is a delay on your shots, I have 5 maggies 1 on each character and have tried them all out, and the same results for everyone

Could it be lag? Or a wonky button on a controller? I don’t shoot one enough to say otherwise. When did you start noticing a difference?

Just today I noticed it, I have good internet and I also have a brand new joypad (xmas present) I have been testing it the last 3 hours and there is something off with it, just use the maggie solely for a bit and let me know what you think, I have been emptying mags into walls aswell and still getting a delay

I’ve noticed a slight difference as well. It doesn’t seem to “hit” as hard.

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I wouldn’t see why and I hope not, I’ll have to check it out when I get home from work later tonight.

I think that “delay” has always been there… it’s more like the shots aren’t completely evenly smooth if you are mashing the button quickly rather than an actual delay.

I’m more so bringing it to peoples attention, be great to get other’s opinion on it :+1:

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It will be a while for me I just got to work, I played the dlc Friday with my Zane and didn’t notice any difference although I was having a hard time keeping my barrier up here and there for some reason but had no problems before that. Especially the boss fight which shouldn’t be an issue… maybe I was off my game. Lol

I noticed this maybe 2 weeks ago. It might just be a bit of lag. I had forgotten about it and then noticed it again the other day. I’ve also noticed the same feeling with other Jakob’s pistols as well. As for the dmg I’m still putting out big dmg with gamma burst flak.


I have never experienced that delay before it was always firing as fast as you could pull the trigger, I was firing and nothing happening it stopped the whole flow, I tried other jakobs pistols the peacekeeper/masher and they are fine

The damage is fine, im not finding an issue with that, its a delay on the fire rate

I only noticed this today just the last few hours of gameplay

Well there was no update and it would have to be a stealth hot fix which I doubt after the holiday. Just go in offline mode and see if you notice a difference…

I will check that out now offline, but they have stealth nerfed the phasezerker recently so im not sure holidays come into play there

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I have tried it on all 4 VH’s offline and still getting the same results, its not even consistent, on 1 clip it could be a 0.5 second delay on the second shot, next clip could be a 1 second delay on the sixth shot, I know its miniscule dealing with seconds but its noticeable, would be great to hear other peoples thoughts if they are testing it, I really hope its not a nerf I really do my patience is running dry with these nerfs especially stealth ones

Shouldn’t be, I’d try rebooting the game and see what’s up or maybe another controller. You said it was new but I’ve had issues with new controllers before…

I binned my previous controller the analogue was busted it wouldn’t move forward for me, it could be an option what you’re recommending, anyway ill pick this back up tomorrow its bedtime here where I am, the frustration got the better of me :confused:

Thanks for the input everybody :+1:

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There was a hotfix on the 2nd they just didn’t tell us what they changed.

[Auto-update with new hotfixes - 2020-01-02 17:05:01]

There was quite a lot of code touches but I don’t really know what exactly.

2,891 [point_in_time/hotfixes_2020_01_02_-_17_05_01.json]

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