Has there ever been a Borderlands Design Contest?

I unfortunately seem to always have the misfortune of liking franchises that don’t do these things (or don’t do them often enough). I would really like to see a Borderlands Contest sponsored by Gearbox/2K or w.e
It could be anything really; From designing a character, weapon/item, Raid Boss :wink:, or even a character skin.

I don’t just want to participate but also see what everyone else could come up with. In the end I think the community ends up winning regardless of which individual actually wins.

Those are my thoughts.

Wasn’t one of the legendaries from a BL2 DLC from a contest like that? That one Hyperion SMG that had the blue skin instead of the normal Hyperion Colors?

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I had no idea if so. Which gun would that be?

Found the one I was thinking of. Wasn’t legendary, Just unique.
Its called Yellow Jacket and had its name chosen via a contest at Gamestop.

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oh that’s cool!
We need more contests like these, but on a grander scale.