Has this happened to anyone else in the slaughter shaft

So a few nights ago me and a freind que up for some circ of slaughter and of course it only puts us 2 in the shafts but… there was something diffrent…

We started round 1, and immediately we get over runned by id say 5-6 anointed

Ok maybe a glitch or something

Start again same thing but we were prepared for it…

Next wave again all anointed except for maybe 2-3 badasses

It was insane, the first 6 anointed i broke all legendaries, and suffice to say we never made it past wave 3 of round 1, but we really didnt need too, 5-6 legendaries a wave

I have yet to see that again

I’ve had rounds like that. The early rounds vary alot.

It’s refreshing as the other slaughters a well geared character will sleepwalk through the first 2 rounds.