Hate how I can't turn down my characters sounds

The grunting and wheezing and panting… And worse of all the screaming when affected by an elemental status.

There needs to be a volume slider for this that isn’t simply lowering the master volume.

I still want to hear the music and such

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Wouldnt that fall under Dialouge volume? It lowered everyone’s voice while talking but I never took note to if it effects the callouts. That’s another thing too maybe turn off callouts? Not sure if that’s what they’re considered or not.

You would think so, but unfortunately the dialog volume slider seems to be just for other characters, specifically npcs

You can completely disable your characters random call outs, but this option doesn’t affect your grunts and screams and ridiculous wheezing from sprinting more than 10 feet

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Well now that is a dilemma huh.

Yeh the Gaige cringeworthy screaming as standard is inexplicable. They had to tone down that sort of stuff in BL2 and it’s a wonder they never have taken the lesson.

Yes please, same with the beastmaster pets. My monkey is so loud, and constantly jabbering and…oh, that’s why they’re called jabbers.

Anywho, it’s too much, too loud, too often.