Hatred for those fat bots in the Algorithm

I lost twice on the Algorithm last night. The first time was co-op with my wife. I was El Dragon. She was Montana. We were fine until the section where you have that long center platform with snipers above and shield shards in towers on either side that you have to destroy in order to advance. There is one of those fat bots (Not sure the exact name at this point) that spawns in the middle and he was insta-death to El Dragon. I was killed after landing one punch four times and my wife died trying to revive me. Then she got nailed by that one other wimpy bot that gets shielded standing next to the fat bot. We lost eight lives in that one spot. Game over. Embarrassing after co-op ing the entire game together several times.

Then she left for bed and I soloed the Algorithm. That stupid fat bot killed me three times. I couldn’t figure out how to kill him as a melee character. Too much health and his guns wipe me out in under a second. Finally I just ran and jumped past him and took out the shards. He shot me in the back when trying to move into the next section.

Then there is the freezer part of the map where you have to destroy shards to thaw the place. That stupid fat bot spawns there too and Instadeath again. I got past him finally by running around and avoiding him like the plague with Zero lives left. the rest was fine. Geoff went down and Isaac, but those two stupid fat bots were harder than any boss in the game.

Now I have beaten that stage many times with Oscar Mike, Whiskey Foxtrot, Orendi, and the fat bot seemed a pain, bot nothing too special. This was the first time I used a melee character on that map, (I beat heliophage with El Dragon earlier that night.) but failing the FIRST mission because of a non boss fight is embarrassing.

Either it is way OP for melee characters. Or EL Dragon is squishy, relying too much on regen, or something changed with the latest hotfix or something.

Anyone else with this issue?

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take out all other enemies before you attack him it can kill you in about 2 hits for most people. when hes in his bubble dont attack him bullets reflect and he will stun you if you are close.
adds some good challenge as the algorithm doesn’t have a defend objective time or anything one of my favorite missions :kissing:

He just spawns in the center and as a melee it is nearly impossible to kill others around him without taking lasers to the back. As a ranged player he wasn’t so hard. Until last night I would have agreed with you.

I agree, very unfriendly.

And he’s nothing special for any ranged hero. He’s just fat and he’s burst of fire can hit hard but is easily avoidable.

Solo’d Algorithm with El Dragon before easily.

The easiest way to deal with this is to just attack the elite bot while it is activating on spawn or after it is no longer frozen. Do attack the core at the back for crit and inflict major damage before he activates or even kill him if you have enough damage.

  • It can be complicated soloing with a melee character on that part of the mission, but !

  • I found out that running through the sides and taking out the snipers helps, then try to kill the gunner’s droid that gives them a shield.

  • When facing the fat bot, try to attack his back for critical hits and back out of range from his stun attack, even if you can kill him while he’s about to start, he will still stun you.

  • You’ll see how much easier it is to take him down.