Hat's off to JoeK, a CM amongst CM's

Not sure if everyone has seen, but today is @JoeKGBX 'S last day as a Community Manager.

I don’t know how much thought people give around here, but Community Manager is easily one of the shittiest jobs in gaming. You constantly have a bullseye on your back and have to keep a straight face for the company whether you’re being adequately compensated (or not, in several cases), and try to keep things on your side.

I don’t know Joe personally but I have interacted with a lot of CM’s in my time, and while the split appears to be completely amicable , I feel like GBX is losing a quality member. Joe has been through bee nerfs, dlc problems, and TPS season pass issues, and has always remained positive, appreciative, and helpful to those in the community.

Having been part of a community where that was always a problem (no matter how much people put on rose tinted glasses [im looking at you, ■■■■■■■ blizzard]), Joe has always been… an amazingly reactive and wonderful member of GBX staff and I’m sad to see him go.

Thank you for the loot and the help, you magnificent bastard.


Joe has done an incredible job on these and the old Gearbox forums. As @Arsonist says, he’s kept an incredibly gracious and positive manner through everything, and has been a big part of this on-line community being what it is - a fantastic place to hang out.

Thank you, @JoeKGBX, for all your hard work and involvement through the years. You will be missed. But do try and let us know where you end up by means other than just Twitter!


Yeah, he’s just a rock solid good guy. Will definitely be missed.


Pity, I have to admit I admired his work as well. Apart from that he’s always come across as a genuinely nice and concerned person, something that’s regrettably rare.


Admitedly, I’ve been of the grid for quite a long time…

But sad to see joe go, I wish you the best man :slight_smile: