Hats off to the voice actors (and dialog writers) of Battleborn

I’ve been playing BB since like week 2 or 3, and I’m still finding totally new voice work I’ve never heard before. It’s just amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this much iterative work put into making the same missions sound different each time.

Last night, on a whim, I soloed Advanced Renegade with Phoebe. There’s a whole little dialog section between Pheebs and Cal where she basically goes total fangirl on his mech armor and makes a pass at him. She asks (in a very naughty tone of voice) what Cal is doing after they save his life. He immediately responds that he’s going to go kill Rendain as messily as possibly. Pheebs sounds totally crestfallen as she says, “Oh… oh-kay…”

I have no doubt I’ll find even more stuff like this as I play with more characters (I only have two L15s so far, Miko and Reyna). Seriously, no snark here, my hat is totally off to Gearbox and the talented voice staff they chose for Battleborn. As someone who’s done voice training myself, I can really appreciate the effort on display. This is good stuff!


I like positive stuff on here +1

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My sons and I have been playing since release, everyday. And still we find new stuff and still enjoy the old.

I think we’ve heard Geoff-ISIC exchange in Algorithm about 65 times and still giggle.


Phoebe has some good dialog. Her interactions with ISIC are better than Ghalt’s. I just wish they would settle on one accent. At times it drifts into vaguely British. Love her Spin to Win lines, though, especially her humming.

Oscar Mike is still my favorite. He has that clownish buffoon thing going for him while still posing as a badass.

One i stumbled upon is Whiskey Foxtrot revealing to Wolf Unit that he and Deande are dating.


Well… guess I am going to need to play some WF on the Void’s Edge when I get some time. This sounds like it will be halarious.

I also enjoy Reyna and Ghalt’s interaction on the Saboteur.


ISIC: “Still losing your ****, huh? Report for more firmware upgrades.”

Geoff/Arachnis: “Thank you, ISIC. I… love you.”

ISIC: (nervous chuckle) “…don’t make this weird.”


I met thorn’s VA this weekend, she was awesome and we had a laugh about thorns quotes and voice


Oh my Divine Dog, I have totally got to hear that. Are we sure they’re actually dating though? I’m kind of thinking that might be some really wishful thinking on Whiskey’s part. Unless Deande just goes in for bad boys, which is obviously quite possible.

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DUDE. I am totally jelly. How did you meet her?

She was down in Australia for Avcon ^.^

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I’m not sure I’m even allowed to say this. Please believe it is meant in the best spirit:

Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie! OY! OY! OY!

Gaming forums are like car dealerships in my experience (and I’ve sold cars for a living). The people who like their cars just put gas in 'em and go. They don’t drive back into the car dealership, walk into the sales manager’s office, and gush about how much they love their car. They just drive it.

People who have problems and complaints, however? Dozen a day (and that’s a light day).

So yeah, there’s a lot of negativity (Reddit is way, way worse than here), but I don’t let it get me down. I play on PS4 and love the community there. Pretty much everyone I’ve met is nice and helpful. I enjoy playing supports and keeping a team alive*, and everyone seems to really appreciate it.

  • = The fact that playing a support allows me to hide my lack of skill at twitchy FPSs is, of course, totally incidental. Totally.

:smiley: it was pretty cool since Aussies dont get alot of VA’s down here, maybe one or two a year

Part of Deande’s lore backs it up. They have been seeing each other for some time.


Kisses must be awkward with Whiskey’s fangs.

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What can ya say? One assassin deserves another.

Also, those abs.


Oh, the fan fiction. :yum:

I am uncomfortable, yet somehow… intrigued? I remember the quote Whiskey tells Wolf though. And that Montana wants to “hit on Thorn”. Montana and Thorn isn’t nearly as weird though.

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I want to know who Reyna has ops for. She acts like it’s Ghalt, but I’m thinking that’s a front. Could obviously be wrong, they are both Captains and they’ve obviously known each other for quite some time. Her battle quotes for Ghalt are absolutely merciless after a kill, though (which may just be Reyna being Reyna).

I would say she has the hots for Oscar Mike, but the way the pattern is - matching them up with weird people - it might be Attikus.

But I can see Reyna and Ghalt being a flirtationship. From what I have heard, they go WAY back which means they have a lot of history. But who knows :wink:

they totally did it one time though