Haunt and the Complex Root

Ok so I geared into the Complex rifle (Rad/Corr), Gunner class, Sweeper com, BM/DW trees with increased sniper/aoe/charge speed, 100% auto bear nuke uptime… The whole shibang and can pop the M10 Ruiner dead with a Second Wind. My pun is “Hold Trigger for Loot Pop and Feel the Wind”

I tried to pop Haunt this morning but the Complex blew the pillars that power his immune phase rendering them unattackable, there are no pillars but the lights continue to keep Haunt safe.

Bug? Or am I too ambitious trying to kill Haunt before the pillars even arrive…

It’s a bug, killing them early can render him unkillable. I run into this a lot on my Rakk FL4K build, Frozen Heart or Void Rift novas are horrible for this.

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Both, strictly speaking. There is a bug that renders Haunt permanently invincible if you destroy the pillars before all three of them have properly spawned in yet.

Generally speaking, you’ll want to avoid weapons like the Root or the Nukem that have too large of a splash area to prevent yourself from accidentially causing that bug.


Dam my geez.
Hey thanks people I’ll stop attempting now. I was unaware of the bug :’(

My build is this bug lol sorta. Time to pull out a Flipper

Flipper curtsey of @Steeveyb


Could still get away with the root; for the first faze I’ll wait till the music changes, 2nd faze i wait till 1 has its aoe type effect - only issue, it may decimate all the 2nd wind skulls in the sky

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That first succesful pop today Steev I took his shield and watched Haunt walk around with just his health bar. The pillars were delayed on their arrival :face_with_monocle: so I was watching to see what happens when he lost his shield straight out the gate. Pillars spawned after a short delay and I rooted them then Haunt too, in the wind.

Queue the music huh… Man thats clever. Oath