Haunt should only drop event exclusive legendaries

annoying to farm 25 skulls, kill everything in heck, get to haunt and have him drop you normal loot. I know the event is going on for 6 weeks, but that doesnt mean i want to farm Haunt for 6 weeks.

on a related note, have killed 23 golden skulls, havent hotten any legendaries from them. have gotten more normal loot from red skulls. not sure if extremely unlucky or if this is par for the course

You’re not alone. Not only am I not getting legendary drops from the few gold/yellow ghosts i’ve seen, but I haven’t gotten a single Legendary from haunt after 7 runs.

I’m farming in TVHM Mayhem 3 with loaded dice artifact, 14.22% luck, and treasure hunter. Something must be broken with drop rates.

I agree 100%
Also the golden ghost things are terrible killed around 50 of them and only received normal common legendaries,
Not sure if it’s intended to be this way or not.
If it is intentional, it’s ridiculous…