Haunted Loot no longer dropping

So I have noticed ever since the hotfix came out none of the Bloody Harvest legendaries drop anymore. Other legendary items will drop, but in the last 100 runs I haven’t seen one Bloody Harvest legendary. Looks like they nerfed a little too much again.


there was a new hotfix?

The hotfix that fixed Captain Haunts voice being too quiet and also adjusted the drop rates from Captain Haunt.

Do you have a link to an announcement for that? There isn’t anything on the support pages or news sections right now other than last week’s one.

Not per se but it was mentioned during the Gearbox Bloody Harvest Couch Co op Stream that they were rolling out the hotfix to fix his voice and adjust the loot drop rates as they were not dropping correctly or something.

It is possible that the hotfix actually isn’t out yet although I thought it had been as after I watched that stream I could suddenly hear his voice.

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Hotfixes usually roll out Thursday. Are you seeing the pumpkins if you sit at the main game menu screen? If not, then you don’t have BH active anyway.

Yes BH is active

The Hotfix is out. Came out last friday to fix his voice, but seems it nerfed drops because cant get one of the new legendaries at all now.

I Have done all the challenges, killed Haunt so many times and not one Haunted weapon

I have a link. It’s supposed to be an buff; not a nerf.

Haunt is dropping a legendary shield too. I’ve got it yeterday.

His drop rates for the new stuff just sucks. They may have “increased” his loot drop chance but that’s for all legendaries in general it seems because I’ve killed him a ton and got nothing. I gave up and just kill loot ghosts.