Hauptmann's High-Res Characters skins

(vamilitaria4) #1

Tired of the current look of the uniforms, want to see a change or just want some historical accurateness ? If that’s what you want, let me present to you :

What’s this ?

It’s going to be a skin pack full of higher-res textures for all the characters in the two first BiA’s, germans and americans.

Is it released yet ?

No, it’s been started today to be honest, but a beta release should happen quick !


This is the beta reskin of the Osttruppen, it’s of course not finished yet.

That’s all for now, stay tuned for the new update, wich is most likely going to happen later today : D


Interesting, but i wonder. Will this affect game performance? But nonetheless, i’ll keep a look out for this.


(armitom) #3

Great work! Keep us updated :wink:

(Marcomi X) #4

The skins looks gorgeous!
Can’t wait to see the third squad in hi-res! Keep it up! And, if you need a hand, I’m in!

(vamilitaria4) #5

Yeah, this should affect the performance, but not enough to be noticeable. Currently, the reskinned textures still have the same resolutions as the original textures, they’re just more detailed.

Anyway, here comes the Fallschirmjägers :

(Marcomi X) #6

what ENB Series preset are you using?

(vamilitaria4) #7

By the way, is there a way to make the sdk work in Windows 8 ? All the skins I’ve done were made and put in-game with a PC running on W7, but I won’t have access to it for 2 weeks, so I’ll have to switch back to my W8 computer, on wich the sdk doesn’t work : (

And for the resolutions, I was talking about the uniform, I didn’t change the faces (yet). They probably look higher-res because of the chromatic abberation caused by ENB series being enabled.

(vamilitaria4) #8

The default ones

(Marcomi X) #9

Ok, so you’re planning to reskin the faces too, huh?
how will you do it?
I was planning to do so by importing facial textures from HH…but there are two main problems:
-Dunno why, the editor won’t load on my pc. The game starts normally, though.
-During HH, some character never appeared, Such as Desola or Doyle.

(vamilitaria4) #10

I will just enhance the details on the textures and give them a more war-torn look to them, I won’t use the HH facemaps because they’re too different from the ones in the 2 first games(not to mention that the heads in HH are f****** horrible)

Also, I’ve worked on 3 of the 5 facemaps the german soldiers have, and I was surprised to see that one of the german facemaps is supposed to ressemble Daniel Craig : v .
On a sad note, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to work some more on the skin pack because I now have to work on my W8 computer : (

(Marcomi X) #11

Have you tried the same process for the win7 compatibility?

(vamilitaria4) #12

Ergh, I don’t think that would work, because the fix Rendroc made is for Win7 only : /

(Marcomi X) #13

well, try it! it won’t cost you anything XD

(vamilitaria4) #14

Well, I guess you’re right ! Gonna test that ASAP


Running Windows 8.1 and I have the sdk running for both games. Results may vary I suppose.

(Marcomi X) #16

As the Coldplay Say: If you’ll never try, you’ll never know! :wink:

(vamilitaria4) #17

Facemaps !

Sorry, no preview screenshots yet.

Keep in mind that my priority on this skin pack is the german infantry, nobody’s given them love yet : (


Nice idea, if only there’s a way to apply that wounds technically into the game.



Well, there is the projection decal, but it might not be good for this kind of detail.

(vamilitaria4) #20

Ok so, I tested the SDK on win 8.1 with and without Rendroc’s fix and it simply doesn’t work. I’ll have to send the textures to someone who is willing to try and test them.

Here they are : https://mega.nz/#!gZM1hCJT!zBf7jfADoRdcXecob5mlNmszNZjxGmhNA8ZOL4Hzqvs