Hauptmann's High-Res Characters skins

(Marcomi X) #21

I got it!

P.S.: next time, send me .tga files :wink:

(vamilitaria4) #22

Remember when you tested the previous one and they were looking weird ? That was because I didn’t convert the .tga textures into .dds. When you import a .tga texture into the game with the SDK, the sdk flips it sideways, wich doesn’t happen with dds

(Marcomi X) #23

Well, that’s kinda strange…
Don’t happen with photoshop plugins

(Marcomi X) #24

are they for Rth30 or Eib?

(vamilitaria4) #25

the uniform textures are for both, but the facemaps are for EiB only

(Marcomi X) #26

Here are the uniforms (tested in Rth30)…
Well, what can I say…? Very good job! :wink:
But please…work to the Us uniforms too!

An advice: remove the injuries on the facemaps…I think there are shaders that makes the same effect, but dinamically.
Want me to package all this stuff and send them to you?


Time to learn some shaders, boys :slight_smile:

(vamilitaria4) #28

Yeah don’t worry, I’ll do the US uniforms too !

(vamilitaria4) #29

The SDK is working now, meaning that I can continue the work !

(vamilitaria4) #30

New blood textures, I’ll resize them so that they don’t look too big. Also, I’ll need some serious help with the US uniforms, at least for the paratrooper textures, I have absolutely 0 good resources to make it, and it doesn’t help me at all.

(Marcomi X) #31

What do you mean by “resources”? Real Pictures or other textures to import?

(vamilitaria4) #32

Detail textures, color references, high-res pictures of the M42 uniform and all that useful stuff you need to have to make something somewhat decent.
I currently use this texture for the fabric of the M42 uniform but when I put it over the paratrooper uniform textures, it turns yellow :

(Marcomi X) #33

Try ti darken the images using photoshop…Dunno why, but the BiA engine messes up the colors, in most cases…

However, the color should be an earlier Kakhi…

(vamilitaria4) #34

Yeah I know, I did that for the infantry and conscripts uniform, it’s hard to get something that looks somewhat right in the game


Also, I’m already using those pics, but thanks anyway.

(vamilitaria4) #35

Long time no see ! I started working again on those skins, I completely re-made the Infantry and Conscripts skins, and now they’re ready for release !


Installation instructions are in the Read Me. Bonus addition : I included new blood textures.

(armitom) #36

Looks good, thanks.

(vamilitaria4) #37

German paratrooper WiP, with enhanced facemap. The panzergrenadiers and paratroopers have more war-torn faces, indicating that they’re veteran and more difficult to fight.

Should the Panzergrenadiers be Waffen SS or from the regular army ?


Definitely Waffen SS.

These skins look amazing! Keep it up.

(vamilitaria4) #39

Some new stuff :

-Final version of the Fallschirjäger texture
-New facemaps
-New blood textures
-New terrain textures (stil WiP, some of them are too sharp)

(Currahee) #40

Very amazing.

Too bad GBX never realized your talents and use this mod for their games if they want it more realistic than America Army or Operation FlashPoint.