Hauptmann's High-Res Characters skins

(LeYuno) #41

Awesome work man, really impressive!

Sigh. When I see this I realise I should really try and learn to make missions again in the EIB engine.
Unfortunately the mission flow is created with pure code compared to the visual Kismet module in BIA:HH, plus the problem with static models being far les modular in EIB and RTH30. Unless someone spends the time in creating modular (re-arrangeable) 3D models and import them into EIB there’s little you can reuse from the base game to create a new mission. in Hells Highway most of the building 3D art is separated and you can reuse and combine to your liking. Lastly making pathway nodes for the AI is very time consuming and less versatile compared to the nav mesh system in BIAHH


I’ve done no mapping myself so I’m surprised it’s that difficult to reuse the static models in EIB. Can you explain a little more about why that is?

(LeYuno) #43

the problem is that they kinda “baked” a lot of the wall sections and stuff together to make the loading faster for older consoles. In HH you can find small pieces of wall, street, hedge… but in eib you only find huge attached (one piece) sections that are layed out to the original level

There is also the lighting to consider. Iirc the shadows are baked into the textures. This is the same with the skybox static models in HH though so that’s also a problem there.

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Hey everyone

I am new to the forums, so I hope you are all well?
My name is Boyzee and I am a big fan of the BIA series and of course, the modding community.
I am a big modder myself, but I stay within the Audio limits that I am restricted by, as I don’t have the skills as such to mod the textures, skins, levels etc.

I wanted to say that there are so many talented folks in this forum, which is so good and the modding developments are so exciting. I wondered whether anybody has set anything up for download? As I would love to try out some mods on my own BIA.

Perhaps I have missed a link, but if there was a consolidated download to any new mods, I would be a very happy gamer! Once I have finished my audio modding (similar to Jmoney’s) I will upload for others, but until then I look forward to hearing about any new modding creations.

Thank you all for your skills and devotion.



(vamilitaria4) #45

Long time no see ! I’m back again with more magic, I redid the Fallschirmjäger and the Panzergrenadiers and I am currently working on the US characters. The pack includes a completely new facemap, my end goal is to have unique facemaps for each german soldier type, such as Indian and Asian faces for the Osttruppen for example.

Download here : https://mega.nz/#!9INyAZ7C!ItUjA4df3xyuwj-HVQTT_OgW6bm19so1Y17EYZENTF0

(Marcomi X) #46

I’m intrested!
Waitin’ for the us version!

(Sekasekas) #47

does this work with EiB too? and do you post your work only here or you have like modb page or smth :blush:

(vamilitaria4) #48

No I don’t have a moddb page and ,yeah, it’s meant to work with both RtH30 and EiB, though you should download the old pack, I lost the newest version sadly.

But that means I can redo everything better ! I finally decided to stop being lazy and made new facemaps for the Osttruppen units, they now have proper Indian and Korean faces :

(Marcomi X) #49

I hope you’ll make an HD version of US uniforms, though…

(vamilitaria4) #50

It will come in due time.

(vamilitaria4) #51

I proudly present to you all my reskin of the US paratrooper uniforms:

as well as my improved german reskins, I managed to make a AO (shadows) texture in Blender using the RtH30 models :

(Marcomi X) #52

Can’t wait to give it a try!
I think you should blend the Garand pouches color more…they stick out too much IMO.

Can you export\import brothers in arms models and edit them with blender?! o.0

(vamilitaria4) #53

They were extracted by someone many years ago, back in 2011 I think, that’s the models that I used but I myself don’t know how to export characters and weapons from the game, only static props.

(Marcomi X) #54

they extracted only the German soldiers models or weapon models too?

(vamilitaria4) #55

US and German characters, including all the main characters.

(Pensy95) #56

Do you know when you’re going to post the latest version? You’ve done a great job so far, and I’m eagerly anticipating the release of your US skins.

(vamilitaria4) #57

Have fun


(Matyas39) #59

Hi, I really enjoy your HeerAFallschirm and Reskin_Final packs, but i have problem with your final Skin pack. Ive read the Readme file but i still dont know how to install those skins. Can you please help me?

(vamilitaria4) #60

Go to the folder where bia.exe is located, in that same folder, search for the “Textures” folder and paste the .utx files in there. Click yes when it asks you to replace the original files.

(vamilitaria4) #61

Finally ! It’s possible to make reskins for BiA HH now :