Hauptmann's High-Res Characters skins


I’m pretty busy with my final exams and with CoD UF…
…but, sooner or later, I’ll make some weapon skins for BiAHH (The garand looks so bad…)

New Panzergrenadiers, I changed them from Waffen SS to Wehrmacht because there were no SS units in the locations of the Black Friday and Hell’s Highway levels.

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You need to share how you did that. That’s a chance to try to get the old characters on HH.

Will you continue with this work? PS: I know that this topic is very old, being that way, I have nothing to lose.

I think I’ll release the BiA:HH reskins this week-end, I made some adjustments to the 101st uniforms since the last update, all I need now is to take screenshots of the newest changes.

That’s good news!. I wish you luck and thanks for answering me.

german4 german5

Here they are, my latest reskins pack, this time bringing more accurate German uniforms and more detailed US paratrooper webbing, you have to run Texmod (included in the download) with the reskin packages loaded for them to work.


¡Good job! They look great. Thanks for your effort and for reliving the saga :+1:

It looks like I made some Waffen-SS :thinking:

Sorry for the poopy phone photo.

It has been a long time for this but anyway: Skins of all factions for Americans and Germans have AO shadows with broken textures, you should not have included AO shadows. I’m just saying in case you want to fix it.

Just came back to BiA after a very long time away from it, and oh boy, am I happy to see some active members of the community.