Have a chance to repair corrupt file?

my game is crash . its blue screen . my computer is reboot. and my save file is corrupt its all just wipe out and no character present. chapter is " SO"

atm I use my back up file is just in another folder but my last back up is 15 hour … ago .couz
I think it will never ever happen this is very expensive NVME drive. not a giant old harddisk .is have voice during wokring. but its happen x<

its too many stuff is I most use is gone and my blue shard 500 of it is gone. excuse me. have a chance to repair this corrupt file ?

pleae help me :<

if you right click the save folder (something like “cd8754376938fh0e8495849”) there should be an
option “Restore to previous version”. Could try that.

There should be a .sav file with letters and symbols, not just with a number as usual. Backup them all first! Then you can try to rename the corrupted file into x.sav (x is the number it had before!). Worked for me, I lost nothing.

i know now . how is this game save. and now I know how its work . now I wont scare about bank wipe or corrupt files anymore. couz i know how to fix it .
this issue make me learn manything and rid of my scare about this game . this is all good thing is i got from it. and make me feel free during play it .


no i wont do it. i don’t wanna get in that folder and modify anything maybe its will make it corrupt from the root of problem . atm I just copy and back up it . if it happen again or anything happen like bank wipe. I have time machine to go back in a past to fix.

PS: i think about go get super grade of USB flash drive to store a file . my friend on my group friend advice " lets buy corsair maximum security USB flash drive for this !!!


I don’t know what you’re talking about…

Of course you don’t HAVE to do it. It’s just another option if nothing else works. And there’s literally no risk, when you backup the files first (as I told you).

Same thing just happened to me. Had a hard crash and my character was just “corrupt” at the load character screen.

Was able to rename the long .TMP file in my save folder and this seems to have worked? Scared the crap out of me as it was a character with 48+ hours and last known backup was …maybe 10 hours ago?

If you want to play BL3 and not be devastated then backup up your profile and character saves as often as possible. It has saved me in this situation and when the vault randomly resets / deletes itself. Not something I’d expect that most players do, but you have to learn or you’re at the grace of a cloud save or just luck, if not.

Wow. I thought my highest level character was completely destroyed aside from a backup I made myself last week. No idea why my game crashed, either. It was so bad that I had to do a hard restart so I don’t think Epic or BL3 even recognize it happened.

Edit to add - the crash happened when I went into my inventory, now that I think about it

you build it from the root. layer is lay on a layer .if you modify a root. maybe make its collasp in furture. and when that time is come. you must back to a point is you not modify it .

just copy and paste save folder to another folder. about me. I got a corsair military grade flash drive for it too . its my first time is I bough 200 $ usb stick from market.

Hi Felinena, If your backup is 15 hours old and you are not able to recover your file. So you may try any third party free data recovery software. Like Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition, Recuva, Disk Drill. Here I will suggest you use either Stellar or Recuva. Stellar support more than 300+ file type. If you want to repair your file so you may also try stellar file repair software, I hope you may fix it your problem without any constraints.

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