Have a lot. Looking for some specific things


2 corrosive lyuda
Venomous Hornet
Redundant Brainstormer
Double Penetrating corrosive lazer-sploder
Lazer-Sploders (Corrosive/cryo/shock)
Crossroads (rad/shock/incind/cryo)
Incindiary Lucian’s Call
Annointed Shock Vanquisher (2 mag bonus cryo)
Annointed corrosive Sleeping Giant (30% lifesteal after attack command/weapon damage after digiclone)
Incindiary Sleeping Giant
Corrosive Sleeping Giant
Decaying Barrage
Annointed Warlord (extra charge raak attack)
Redundant Shock Brainstormer
Cutsman (corrosive/incindiary)
Incindary + Cryo Westergun
Cryo Infinity
Star Helix (Cryo/rad)
Rad Rowan’s Call
Shock Kings Call
Brawler Ward (recharge when barrier deployed)
Re-Router (15% movespeed w/ SNTNL)
Zen Stop-Gap (20% shock resist)
2 Annointed Transformers (5% movespeed/15% while SNTNL)
Storm Front
Cryo MIRV Hex
Various good Zane Classmods
A few Artifacts


Annointed Cryo Night Hawkins (elemental effect+ burst fire)

IceBreaker Otto Idol with one or more:

Health Regen
Elemenetal Resists
Fire Resists
Action Skill Cooldown
Max Health
+cryo damage/chance

I really want Double Penetrating corrosive lazer-sploder and Crossroads inci
i dont have Annoited Night Hawkins but got them:

Are there anything you want?

afraid not

Bumppitie bump bump

Also looking for a fire resist zane anointed rough rider (or fire resist reload speed/movement speed rough rider)
no longer looking seriously for a icebreaker otto idol as one dropped for me, but would love to see options if they arose.
Still looking for elemental effect anointed night hawkins.

Hey! Do you have a Zane COM with SMG Dmg?

Not exactly sure what you mean by COM?
Could you clarify?

Legendary Class Mod

MMmmm… no classmods with smg.
I do have a ice breaker otto idol with smg though

Okay and a anointed/elemental rough rider?

Can offer:

was LOOKING for the rough rider