Have a lot to trade, see link. Looking for items in text below

Here is what I have: Items I have to trade

I’m specifically looking for (but not limited to, let me know if you have anything interesting that’s not on the list):

Last Stand Otto Idol (preferably with grenade dmg, aoe dmg, and mag size)
Kyb’s worth with +125% splash dmg (prefer fire as one element)
New high tier class mods (any i don’t have)
Grenades with +50% dmg (any i don’t have)
Rack Attack +100% weapons (any i don’t have)
Redistributor (any anointment or element I don’t have)
Any interesting 100% or 125% weapons I don’t have.

Preferably shoot me a private message on here, I can track them better for trading.

Here’s what I got to trade: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1nQosnnAvHljFDVbEpqOuJzq7duOcTxMvY7QxwpfzR1o/edit?usp=sharing

I’m interested in your It’s Piss with ASE 50% bonus corrosive, Transformer with after exiting Iron Bear, buff shields, cryo ASE apply terror Fearmonger, both of your 300% dmg after phaseslam cutsmans, and your fire ASE 100 Redistributor.

Sounds good! I’m interested in the corrosive lyuda +125, the westergun, corrosive cutsman extra projectile, fire cutsman extra projectile, shock recurring hex with health regen, and the icebreaker victory rush (with +40% mag size).

All that for all I was interested in?

You mean the 6 items i’m interested in for the 6 items you’re interested in? Yes

Alright, cool. That works for me. My GT is D4RK W0LF 03

Sounds good, want to trade in-game or through mail?

What’s the weapon zoom on Fire redistributor with 100% on ase?

I have no idea, I’ll have to look when i’m home.

We can do in-game if you want, I don’t mind. I’ll be on Friday night, about 6pm PST.

Ok, I’m good either way. I actually won’t be home friday night but will be back on throughout the weekend.

Alright man, that’s all good with me.

Hi dude I have a fire cutsman and Maggie with 100% rakk attack and a cryo lyuda with 65% gamma burst if you’re interested? I’m interested in the 100% ASE Maggie you have

You don’t have any of these. Interested? I have many more items you might need and I have a few from your list if you’d like.

Hey! I am interested but won’t be able to trade until sat morning.

Definitely interested in rakk pak, antifreeze and a few of the drivers. Won’t be able to trade until sat morning. What are you looking for?

My goodness where to start.
I’d like
50% cryo when sntnl
Maggie, Lucians call cryo, artic disciplined night hawk, gratifying potent moonblast
Everblast ++
Unlimited poison, deluxe rad, deluxe firesale, unlimited supercharge
Projectile Recursion x2 rad corrosive
Both Bands of Sitorak shields
Zane antifreeze 18% weapon crit health gen
Optimized cost effective Q system
Cash infused powerhouse redistributer barrier anoint
Brr Eezy eruption
Barking Crades emp5
Shrinking potent moonfire 50% cryo 2 mags.

I have many weapons and other items you don’t have either. I am going to make a list soon but for now I’ll send some pictures of the ones most desirable based off posts here.

Here’s a few I believe you don’t have. Not even getting into any other types yet.

Need any of these?

Hey! I’m out traveling until tomorrow but am definitely interested in some of these. I’ll make a list tomorrow and we can discuss.