Have a lot to trade, see link. Looking for items in text below

Sure. I’ll send more pics later too

sounds good!

Interested in the itchy shredded laser sploder mine fell thru map about 20 minutes ago hmu i do have a lyuda for trade

I updated a bit.

What do you want for your cry execute ?

what would you need for the arctic night Hawkins

Mainly stuff for zane. Any anointed lumps x2? Or anointed x5 homing mirv anointed shotguns? If not any god roll class mods or ammo regen rocket pad (I believe is the name) with good rolls. It’s the one that launches rockets on slam that counts as melee damage.

Mirv / cloning Recurring hex
Icebreaker victory rush
Nice cryo rakk weapons or cryo anointed
Last stand Otto idol

If anyone is interested, here is my list of items FT.

I am interested in gamma burst or 100% weapon ASE Maggie or Bekah. Any good Red Fangs are also needed.


I’m looking for a Kyb’s (fire/corrosive) with +125% splash damage, let me know what you’re looking for.

Also, a last stand otto idol with mag size, aoe dmg, and grenade dmg (or 2 out of 3)

Hi I’m looking for entry level stop-gap shield, cutsmen, lucian’s/rowan’s call for my newly minted lvl 50 moze. I don’t have many items for trade and am looking for “sloppy seconds” or handouts so that I can gear up for mayhem lvl 4 boss fights. Please IM me or add me on xbox GT: stedyone01

I appreciate it.

Still interested in trading?

I am, sorry I must have missed this post. Looking especially for decent anointed DLC items. Updated list:

Whould be interested in some of the drive class mods (pic nr.2 and 7) if you still have them
Have some gear to trade you have listet (but not shure if the anointeds you are looking for)
Send me a pm what you wont and i will see if i got something for you

Updated spreadsheet, picked up quite a few more DLC items today. Looking for Lucky 7’s i don’t have. Grenade mods +25% on throw and anointed rico shields.

i have a lucky 7 with 100% rakk

check my spreadsheet, got a few anoited jujus, new dlc weapon with good anoitments and class mods

definitely interested in that, what do you want for it?

I’ll take a look and send you a message!

K, update me