Have a lot to trade

I traded all my level 72 and op4 gear away would be willing to trade some op8 gear for full pimps, norfleets and sandhawks for both levels. All this gear is legit and earned some has been traded for. I hope we can make a deal. emct.

I have to trade
all op 8
rustlers orphan maker
casual carnage NE
rustlers twister shock
critical interfacer fire, shock
practicable butcher fire, shock
doc omen fire, shock
practicable conf call shock
casual swordsplosion
casual flakker

lonbow pandemic 0 FT
shock stormfront 0 FT
chain lightning 0 FT
magic missilex4

Lady fist corrosive, shock, fire.
binary grog
evisceration grog (bladed)

flying sandhaws all dahl parts fire, corrosive, shock, slag
stopping sandhawk shock maliwan grip dahl stock
hefty avenger
impetuos florentine
murduring slagga

norfleets all elements
fwap a creamer

boss bekah
wild and nasty kerblaster
wild ogre
fast bulets sawbar
ferocious lead storm fire, corrosive

inflammable flame of the firehawk
bigboom blaster 13%
rough rider +974638
grounded bee
inflammable bee
alkaline bee
94% sham

Venture Longbow
siah siah skullmasher
tumtum skullmasher

various reics and classmods mostly zero and maya

Eastern Standard Time Xbox one handle evil monkey ct

In the next days i will trade for you those pimps, only thing i would like to have is a op8 tediore corrosive refill plasma caster with matching grip
If you don’t have any, there’s no problem you will have the pimps anyway :slight_smile:

I can farm the snowman to see if I can get one but I don’t have one as of now and thank you very much!

I haven’t been able to farm one…

Still looking for the pimpernells, I recently traded for an op 8 grounded hide of terra I will happily trade that for the pimps

Later today i will be on, gt is BKDI Wars :slight_smile:

okay I am evil monkey ct send me a message and let me know what you want to trade so I can get it out of my mule account.

RobCheap traded me for the pimpernells. Thank you again Rob. Unless someone would like to trade for for a full set of level 72 and op 4 gear I listed for anything I have to trade. My current list of what I have is accurate. Thanks


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