Have alot to offer! Just want to be jackhammered

So literally 7 max characters beaten the game a over 8 times. Have so so much to offer.

I am after jack hammers of all elements available. Currently only have shock.

Message me with what you want gt: pbodyjel … I have gear for all classes. I typically main Zane the most. So a lot of gear for him. Well really alot of gear for all. Just ask. Let’s try and make a deal.

I have an anointed kinetic one. It’s anointment is 125% Damage on ASE to badass, boss and named enemies. If you are interested.

I am indeed. What are somethings you are after?

i have 3 elemental jackhammers that arent shock. do you have a corrosive laser sploder?

I do have a corrosive laser sploder with sntnl bonus cryo aniontment for zane. Message me on Xbox pnodyjel

Pbodyjel not pnodyjel… Message me at pbodyjel on xbox. Sorry about that

Lol I’ve been after a shock for a while.

I’ve got kinetic only.

you looking for shock?
the guy on that other post has 2 im only getting 1 from him so maybe ask if he’s willing to trade the other?

Do you have anything for amara or other weapons with the same anointment as the jackhammer I have?

still looking for jackhammers?

I have shock dm me please & I will hook you up.

Thanks guys… I actually have all but fire and kinetic now. But I really appreciate it… good hunting fellow vault hunters!

I have the anointed kinetic jackhammer I posted above. Do you have an anointed rad queens call or anointed fire rowen’s call, or an anointed redundant brainstormer? Looking for amara anointments or 125% against bosses or 50% elemental damage.

I have a fire jackhammer anointed beastmaster lifetsteal after attack command. I need a cryo lucians call and a deathless atifact