Have amazing Amara rico shield

What new dlc items would you offer this?


Lol wtf. That’s a sweet roll

Yea it is, lol.

Ion cannon x2 corrosive with 50% increased status effect chance while Barrier is active. Also have elemental ion cannons for after phaseslam, iron bear, and with 100/125% general anointments and consecutive hits. Got the lucky 7 with bonus cryo dmg as well as shredded craps and ion laser for auto bear .

Dang I want that shield!

I have an ion cannon 125% splash on ase a auto aime 100% on ase a lucky 7 and fire boomer with same.

got 2 godroll golden rule coms. one with weapon dmg/weapon crit dmg/mag size, and the other is weapon dmg/torgue projectile speed/action skill cooldown

what are the stats for your phaseslam ion cannons?

Radiation, 15217x2 damage, 300% weapon damage after phaseslam

let’s trade :o, i also have a phaseslam heartbreaker. add my psn: TheNimbusKid. What’s the stats on the 100% ase ion cannon?

Just got another golden rule with pistol and AR dmg

Not on right now. I’ll send you a FR later.

Cool, i’ll be on all night

What skills on the first com? I have a lot of phaseslam gear, phasecast and 100% ase as well.

I have other pieces but I don’t think the others come close to what you offer

What would you want for that cryo heartbreaker?

What you want for it I have everything

Send ps4 gamertag