Have: Annointed gear & goodies

More than I would like use the Terror effect, but there are normal items as well. Only annointed gear is an upgrade for me, class preferred, but a good general one will suffice. Also accepting Terror annointment for the Zane gear (zoinks scoob!)

Zane (Clone/Drone, avoiding Cryo): Ten Gallon (radiation), Baby Maker (radiation), Faisor, Standardized Carrier, Snowdrift Splatter Gun (any of the damage buffs or cooldown bonuses), Executor class mod (just looking for options), Phebert, Conference Call, Jericho

Amara (Phase Grab, Terror Skull Attack): Kaos, Brainstormer, Binary Destructo Spinner (Electric/Corrosive & Fire/Radiation), Elemental Projector Commander Planetoid (any of the damage buffs or cooldown bonuses), Q-System, MOARR Linage. Headsplosion, Recharger shield, Nimbus class mod (just looking for options)

Im interested in that mess breakup and brainstormer

Great! What items from my wish list do you have?

i have a headsplosion and linage