Have anointed guns from handsome jackpot dlc. Wanting guns for Zane or good rakk pak mod

I am looking for guns with 50% cryo damage while sntnl is active or 60% accuracy with 30% critical damage while barrier is active, preferably one of the following. Night Hawkin, redistributor, crossroads, woodblocker, onepunch chump, star helix, barrage, I’m open to trying new guns out with him too though.
Also I am looking for a rakk pak mod with splash/aoe, Hyperion/basic crit, SMG/pistol/weapon damage, skill cooldown.
I have the following guns from the handsome jackpot dlc.

Stimulating shredded craps (shock). Ase 125% splash damage.
Gratifying craps. Killing an enemy grants 5% weapon damage and reload speed for 25 seconds. This stacks.
Burning gratifying craps (fire) while airborne deal 30% more damage.
Shrinking shredded craps (cryo) while sliding deal 40% more damage.
Iron willed luck 7. Ase next 2 mags deal 50% bonus shock damage.
Dueling lucky 7. While gamma burst is active gain 65% radiation damage.
Decisive cheap tips. After exiting iron bear the next 2 magazines deal 40% bonus incendiary damage.
Powerhouse cheap tips. While sliding fire rate is increased by 25%.
Feral Boomer. Killing and enemy grants 5% weapon damage and reload speed for 25 seconds. This stacks
Zammechat ion cannon. While enemies are below 25% health gain 50% damage.
Potent creamer (double rocket). while gamma burst is active gain 65% radiation damage.
Pent up creamer. While gamma burst is active gain 65% radiation damage.
Potent nukem. Ase next 2 magazines have 50% bonus cryo damage.
Shredded nukem. ase next 2 magazines have 50% bonus shock damage.
Searing nimble autoaime. Ase death 125% more damage to badass, named and boss enemies.
Also unanointed annexed Ion cannon.

I have not gone through my class mods from the dlc but did pick up a golden rule with 3 points in laid bare and if you want me to check for a certain one I can look.

Hey whats up, I have a Stark Krakatoa fire sniper 60% acc 30% crit, same anointment on a kill o the wisp and a warlord AR with 50% cryo damage when sentinel is active, you’re more than welcome to them if your interested

I’d be interested in the warlord, which weapon do you want?

I dont want nothing in return, its just wasting away in my bank, but thanks for the offer my psn is timmo2times my avatar is a carrot with duel pistols

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Thanks I’ll hit you up in a few hours. I’m at work now.
Honestly I think the killowisp is a waste with that anointment.

Hence why its wasting away in my bank :joy: its near my bedtime here soon so i’ll send it as soon as I accept your request :+1:

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I picked up a couple of +50% cryo SNTL Nukems earlier that are yours if you want em

Thanks but that’s not something I’m interested in.

i’ll take one of those

interested in your rakk anointed craps, i have the maggie you’re looking for

Yeah send a request to megadethwm, Ive got Slade or redhood as my avatar.
I’ll be on in about 2 hours, I’m at work right now.



I sent you a woodblocker, hope it’s what you’re looking for

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Closed at OP request.