Have anointed lyudas to trade and alot more

Have anointed lyudas siren after phasecast +250 bonus damage normal bullet
Cryo lyuda anointed swapping with digiclone. 75% bonus damage and a couple gunner anointed lyudas one radiation and one normal. And a crap ton more… maxed all characters beat game 8 times. Let me know what your after!

Looking for anointed flakker next 2 mags have increased gun damage . or anointed fire lyuda for Zane 75% bonus damage after swapping places with digiclone… if you have these weapons please message me with what you want. And I probably have it… Xbox gt: pbodyjel

I have a Flakker where the next 2 mags have increased corrosive damage. Do you have any annotated Gamma Burst guns?

I do believe I just might. Let me check my fl4k

Not a whole lot legendary with that perk. I have a poor man’s version of a lyuda with that perk. Its a purple dahl And perks that add rack Atks or increase crit after using rack Atk. I do have an anointed fire kings call with that perk tho.

Not a Kings Call fan, thanks for looking though.