Have anointed Wedding Invitations

I have the following anointed Wedding Invitations:

ASE 50% Crit
Gamma Burst 115% Rad
Ase 50% shock 2 mag
Ase 50% Corrosive 2 mag
After Rakk Attack 50% Crit
Barrier active 60% Acc 70% Crit
ASE 50% Cryo 2 mag
Attack Cmd 30% Lifesteal
ASE 125% on Badass/named
ASE 50% Rad 2 mag
ASE 15% Lifesteal
ASE 100% Damage
After Phaseslam 300% damage

All free, no need to trade.*

PSN: Muletastic

*If you are looking to trade: I am looking for lvl 53 versions of:

ASE 50% Rad Recurring mirv hex shock
Brainstormer x7 with 8 mag ASE corrosive and fire
x18 purple elemental bangsticks with opposite ASE 50% elemental damage
Cutsman (all elements) with opposite ASE 50% elemental damage
Cloning maddening tracker with a decent Moze anointment
Elemental projector Victory Rush with decent general stats
x25 stagecoach with ASE damage or After Rakk Attack 50% Crit


Can i get that 125 badass? Psn syn_theeo

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The request will come from my Muletastic account :slight_smile:

I would appreciate the gamma burst , my psn is Ice-T411
Thank you

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Can I have the gamma burst, please and thank you!
psn: WhoNeedsThumbs

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can I get either one of these preferably the with with rakk attack
PSN: Mouerf83

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just doing some inventory stuff on my main. Will send you a FR from my mule in a bit. :slight_smile:

FR sent

ets: items sent

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You got another ASE 125% for badasses? Would be much appreciated :smiley:

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What’s your GT?

TYSM. If you get a plain ASE 100% damage please lmk o.O

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Item sent

If I find one of those I’ll add it to the list. I may have multiples of these :wink:

Hello ! I would love those 2 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Could you send them to me please ?

Thanks very much !

Psn Adrion54

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Items sent

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Hey can I have the barrier active anoitment one if still available? If not then the bad ass one works too!

which ones do you still have?

You can have both.