Have: Anointments, rare goodies

The astute among you may notice some god-rolls in the pile (Cryo Infinity?). I know what is what in that regard, so please don’t try to pass off a relic with bonus experience gain, lol (yes, that’s happened at least once). Edit: Photo quality took a hit in the merger, might need to zoom in.

Zane (Clone/Drone & Terror, avoiding Cryo weapons): Ten Gallon (radiation), Faisor, Snowdrift Splatter Gun (any of the damage buffs or cooldown bonuses), Executor class mod (just looking for options), Phebert, TK Wave, Hellwalker, Face Puncher, Jericho, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot shield, Messy Breakup shield (self-terror only)

Amara (Phase Grab, Terror Skull Attack): Kaos, Brainstormer, Binary Destructo Spinner, Elemental Projector Commander Planetoid (any of the damage buffs or cooldown bonuses), Q-System, MOARR Linage, Headsplosion, Recharger shield, Nimbus class mod (just looking for options), Power Siphon Tran-Fusion Longbow, Moxxi Bouncing Pair, Hell Shock, Electric Banjo

Hey I’m interested in your terror annointed recharger.

What are you looking for?

Check the OP, I have my wishlist at the bottom.